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Warwickshire v Sussex
What a huge game this is and with no Patel and presumably no Bell it could be very tough.

Praobable team................

Why no Bell? I dont think Javed should play. They are looking to sign a fast bowler so who knows. I think Tahir should come in after his performance against England. Strauss was ringing his praises. Barker might com in...

Bell will play unless he is picked for the test shouldn't he?
Chris, don't ask why Windy. No please don't. No.

well Im really looking forward to my 4 days at Edgbaston (hope I dont get thrown out!) -Sussex have had a week off this week, although we have a FP semi-final on Sunday. Not sure about our line-up, as we have a load of ageing seamers, but something like:-

D Smith

Look forward to seeing some of you next week - I suspect I will be witnessing a bore draw!
Yes looking forward to meeting up. Is The Major going to come?

Alas the major isnt allowed out and isnt 100% anyway
Give him all our best Sweaty. Somerset did us both a favour today - 479 for 6 in 85 overs to beat Yorkshire!!
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i will be attending all four days as i said to paul on monday would like to me sweaty too
but the weather is not looking to good
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
I've got Tuesday and Wednesday off so hopefully will be able to see something.
Chris, don't ask why Windy. No please don't. No.

Paul: to respond to you, I am unsure how Bell could play for us on tuesday, as the Test starts on wednesday, so he will be away at Cardiff preparing. Perhaps you could kindly advise??


Maybe he could be one of these rae substitues that happen when players are released from the England squad after their county game has started.
Surely they pick their squad for the first test which will be a reduced one from the performance squad or whatever its called. Anyway you could be right!!

He may be released to play, we dont want him to be drinks carrier, thats not good for him. Perhaps he will get a bat tomorrow and show what he is made of. Although looking at the score thats not very likely.
I dont think he'll be in the squad which is announced on Sunday unless something darmatic happens tomorrow. Harmison on the other hand might be. There's no point Belly being incliuded when there is no scenario- apart from a late injury - where he will play.
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Gonna to be a difficult game.
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(03-07-2009, 07:25 PM)littlepete Wrote: i will be attending all four days as i said to paul on monday would like to me sweaty too

I hope he hasn't told you to keep an eye out for a Brad Pitt lookalike. The consensus at Hove is that Sweaty was Fred Scuttle in a previous life.
See you Tuesday.
We have a good record in recent years against Sussex at home. I think we have won our last three 2005/6/7.

We don't need reminding about our poor form at Edgbaston. I reckon it must be the ground in the whole country where we have had the least success in the last 10 years.
Apart from the fact that Sussex always lose when we visit it didn't help in 2005 (I think) when John Inveraity secretly filmed James Kirtley and requested that the umpires look at his bowling action.
It was thought to be a shitty underhand thing to do. If everybody started making video recordings of things they want the umpires to take action over we would have chaos. There was a general feeling amongst Sussex supporters that Inveraity had moved outside the spirit of the game.
Also you can rely on Jonathan Trott to have his best performance of the season against us, he always does. Before Trott it was always Dougie Brown that spoiled the day.
While we're at it, most of us still haven't got over the trauma of the 1993 Nat West Final.
When I think about it, I can't really work out why we're all coming up to spend 4 days with you. I suppose the basic reason is that there are some great places locally to get a curry in the evening and that you're a nice bunch of supporters. Anyway, certainly not as arrogant as our neighbours from the Toilet Bowl or Slurrey.
Hi Paperboy, sorry I brought up our recent record against you but wins at Edgbaston are few are far between. I think we've won one game since we beat you last, early 2007. I agree with you about Inverarity. I thought that was a bit underhand. Of course alot has changed since then.

The Balti triangle is always worth going to. Anyway look forward to meeting you...

Of course there are some who think that throwing rather than bowling is outside the spirit of the game.
Freakiness of Warwicks v Sussex was really shown in 2007 when we got relegated and they won the CC. But we still hammered them by an innings at Edgbaston. We've probably made our best signings from there - Reeve, Giddins, Tim. Great club though with a great - though recently clunky - message board. The model for all other counties IMO.
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