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Warwickshire V England
Its very hot - a hot day to be in the field; which was kind of the Bears to do :001_rolleyes:

Pieterson went cheap............... Cook scoreing a few. I see the Ausies have had a little collapse at New Road in the face of Onions, Harmison and Bresnan.
We're doing alright ain't we? :)
Shame no Bell, makes no sense that, if they werent going to use him at least let us use him!!
Gotta go but at this stage, with Strauss, Prior and Flintoff as scalps, Naqqi, you are the man.
Supporter of the 2014 County Champions
Well done Naqaash 3 wickets and a catch.
Nice to see Ian Bell is captain of the England Lions side at New Road.
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
His captaincy even got some praise from the Sky boys, what is going on?!?
Chris, don't ask why Windy. No please don't. No.

I know Windy!!
Whatever next?
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
what about clarke getting KP fpr 1 run tall bear
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
Yes, what about it?

Isn't taking wickets part of what he is paid to do?

Also if you look at KP's career record you will find a disproportionately percentage of dismissals for less than ten for a play of his undoubted ability.

I appologise to the Rikki 'fan club' members, but I fail to be impressed by your new 'Hero'.
It' Nord alto torvo di s.
spiega con la maggior parte yorkshiremen sono bastardi miseri

Great performance by the bears IMO. Some dropped catches but overall good display in the field from the bears. Bowling was great, Rankin was a tad expensive.

I was in Pavilion stand and enjoyed it. Pete, I think saw you when you were waiting at the turnstile to get in. Did you see an asian looking at you? The person I saw was on the phone with a big bag on their shoulder.
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

Jane was going around saying DD to every asian male in the ground. I think they thought she had Tourette's syndrome. I thought we did excelent. Tahir was the pick of the bowlers. He bowled really really well. I feel a big hot and burnt now after sitting in teh sun most of the day with Pete, Jeggle and publunch.


Obv not me then.

Where did you sit?
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

I think it was the raglan at the bottom for most of the day. I also sat infront of the scoreboard in the morning and in the dollery.

What did you have on (or should I say what were you wearing) we sat in Dollery for a while and the Priory in the shade when we came back at tea time. Only spent a couple hours there today, will try for longer tomorrow. I struggle with the heat so may try Pavilion tomorrow.
grey t-shirt on. black drawstring bag. pavillion was brilliant but not greatest view. My only day today soz.

Will try for another game soon.

I was with mate today so didnt look loads.
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

Paul that was funny about Jane saying 'DD' to every asian male..i literally did 'laugh out loud'
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
so did I.

For the record. I am Indian. And skinny and about 5'11+
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

I did actually advice her she should narrow it down a bit.

Did she ask like 5 year olds?
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

as i said every asian male lol


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