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I don't know about you, but sometimes I find it difficult to keep up to date with who is injured, and how long they will be out for, so I thought maybe we could have a thread where whenever a player is injured you make mention of it, how long it is thought he will be out for, then just update it when he is fit again?

Anyway, just off the top of my head I know we have...

Maddy - Cruciate ligament injury - Out all season

Clarke - broken bone at the base of the little finger - Out for minimum 1 month

Ambrose - torn muscle - Out for roughly 10 days

Miller - torn side muscle - Out for roughly 3 weeks

Any more just post them here, or if I've gotten anything wrong.

The Bowler's Holding the batsman's Willey
Sounds about right..unfortunately!
It was all looking so good pre-season :(
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
Yes it was looking good Val but hey that's sport & life in general.Let's hope we don't have too many bruised egos to look after by the end of the season. :001_smile:
I know these injuries look more like bad luck - rather those frequently occured in cricket by kicking a rugby ball around in the pre-game warm up................ :fishing:

But we allways seem to get more than our fairshare :crying:
Not looking good on the injury front atm. Hopefully, it will improve soon.
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Sadly Darren is not the first Warwickshire player to miss most of a season due to an injury during warm ups.

I feel that the number and pattern of injuries is related to the physical preparation and the person reponsible for that has not changed for several years. Perhaps that is the next area that needs to be upgraded.
It' Nord alto torvo di s.
spiega con la maggior parte yorkshiremen sono bastardi miseri

Ashley has said only cricket related warm ups from now on. At last we have been saying that for ages.
Expect them to playing cricket with a football then if its cricket related. You could play hockey with cricket bats.
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is frost injured now
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
Well he batted with a runner.

This is from Brian's blog

Brian Wrote:Ian Bell will be back from England duty at Taunton on Wednesday. Tim Ambrose is recovering ahead of schedule and could be available against Worcestershire on Friday. Tony Frost has tweaked a hamstring
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