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Sad story
Think an element of the sentence is because neither admitted guilt and boith blamed the other. "cowardly" the judge said.

I really do hope the courts are as stern when our fraudulent MPs come before the beak.
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Thanks Paul..that's what i was basically trying to say, it's legalised drug use but nothing is done to curb the growing problem.
The addiction is just as bad as that of illegal sunstances...and both are mood altering in the way they make you body behave under the influence.
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
paul i think its how you look at the drinks problem i for one agree that it should be sold in licensed places only.
im all for the old days when pubs opend at 12 and closed at 3 then opened again at 6 and closed at 10.30, but bars today are already struggling to stay open as it is.
the problem is as i think its places like tesco asda morrison who sell cheep beer so what would you do buy a four pack for under a fiver than spend 3.50 a pint.
i live just off broad street and i must be honest most of the kids that drink on broad street havent purchased all there drink from bars they have bought them from other outlets.
yes i do like a drink of the alcohol kind while i am watching cricket some times you need one.
as you know i make my own i supose i should not be doing that either at £15 for 5 gallon of home made wine you cant beat it or £10 for 5 gallon of beer cheep at half the price
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Talking of harsh, Baby Ps killer only gets 12 years. I would never let him out ever again.
Shocking that a little life is treated so cheaply!
Makes a mockery of the so called justice system.
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
it was appauling the verdict yesterday the crown justice system needs reviewing
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
That is a joke. Shocking. Really Shocking.
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