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Sad story
Sad decline from England cricketer to prison inmate:
Yes it is sad.
I know there were drugs involved but 13 years??
That is very harsh - murderers get less.
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
Perhaps there will be an appeal, it does seem harsh, but think how many young kids are hooked. If it stops just one person taking drugs its worth it.
Jane Wrote:Perhaps there will be an appeal, it does seem harsh, but think how many young kids are hooked. If it stops just one person taking drugs its worth it.

Yes thats how I look at it. It sounds harsh but when you look at all the misery drugs cause then the sentence is understable.
you do the crime you do the time i dont find it harsh at all he should have got life
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
Nah, I think in the context it was fair but other cases need to be treated with the same punishment.
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

Incredibly harsh. I always liked Chris Lewis - a real talent.

On a brighter note this is my kind of news.

Im glad my Rio, the devil dog, is too young to read.
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He didn't kill anyone so why should he have got life???
If you think he should have got life then what sort of tariff do you give a person who has ACTUALLY committed murder with intent?

The drinkers and smokers of the world who are a burden on the NHS and who's legal drug habit causes misery too are socially accepted!

Don't start me off because i have seen the misery that alcohol can cause first hand and it is far uglier than recreational drug use.
So when i say 13 years is is harsh.
It's sad he got caught up in something like this.
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
I too find this a sad story - clearly someone pretty clueless re what to do when giving up cricket and not the sharpest tool in the box anyway - the sentence does seem very harsh to me as others have said
the thing is was it for personal use i dont think so it was to sell on.
maybe me saying he should have got life is a bit harsh but why do it in the first place, i might drink but i dont have to commit a crime to feed my habbit a lot of these as you say recreational drug users do so crime to feed a crime it has its knock on affect too.
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
There is a world of difference between the 'recreational' user and an addict.
Addicts may have to commit crime to pay for their habit..the recreational users are an entirely self supporting group.
The only difference with it all is that tax is paid on alcohol & tobacco..they all do the same thing at the end of the's just that one is legal and the other isn't!
Maybe you don't have to commit crime to feed your habit but the consequences could be the same..
Go to A&E on a Friday/Saturday night and see how many alcohol related incidents turn up as opposed to drug related ones..ask the abused staff what's worse!!
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
Val I don't want to judge people for anything but as I live in an area where there are loads of crackheads and I've been broken into by drug addicts, and had computers, DVDS etc stolen to feed their addiction then I think the people that supply them should be made responsible. I dont have any anger towards the addicts that broke into my property but I do towards dealers.
i doubt whether Chris Lewis was a dealer - more likely the fall-guy who took all the risks
If that is the case then it is harsh. I know in America they had mandatory sentencing for people involved in possesion of drugs. There were many women sentenced for 15 years or more because their husbands or boyfriends were involved in drugs, even though they knew nothing about it. In many cases that got bigger sentences than their spouses because whereas they had something to bargain with, the women didn't. I wonder if Lewis's sentence was mandatory.
val you tend to forget that i work for the NHS and yes i agree that more cases are drink related cases and the abuse of staff on the weekends i dont condone that either.
so what your saying is its ok for some one to smuggle drugs in to the country to feed off some one elses missery im sorry i cant agree with you on this.
as im with paul if you have been in the situation where they break in to your property and steal your well earned goods and i have had it happen too and they dont care if they get caught as they go and do it again.
then yes the dealer should be punnished too for the supplying of elegal substances be it for recreational use or drug addicts so how does one differ from the other.
yes maybe 13 years is harsh but it will make people sit back and think.
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
I have sympathy for anyone affected by crime due to someone's addiction and i'm not condoning it in any way..i'm trying to say that people's lives are also ruined by the affects of alcohol & tobacco.
I lost my mom to Lung Cancer so i detest smoking but the government won't ban it because it gives them huge amounts of revenue in tax.
Ray's sister got drunk on Jack Daniels and stabbed her husband in an argument..leaving two children minus a father.
Ever had to take a five year old to prison to visit his mom then have to try and expalin why he can't stay with her when visiting time is over?
She got 5 years...just 5 years for destroying so many lives and yes we as a family thought she got off light!

Sweaty is right in that Chris obviously got involved with the wrong people who tried to persduade him that this was a quick money making scheme and it would all be ok.
Another sportsman desperate to find an income when his palying days were over..he's not the first and by no means will he be the last.
I'm a horrid bint.....apparently!
hi val i can understand where you are coming from here i also lost my father to lung cancer through smoking although he had packed in for about 10 years but they say the dammage was already done,i myself used to smoke and i have been cigerette free for 5 years now.
sorry to hear about ray,s sister and the tragic story of the father must have been a very traumatic time for the family.
yes i would gather that chris got involved most likely not by choice but by greed
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
Its a shame to see someone fall so hard but don't do the crime and you don't do the time.
Chris, don't ask why Windy. No please don't. No.

I agree with Val that we have a huge drinking problem in this country. When I was in Utah you couldn't get an alchoholic drink anywhere. No pubs, no selling of it in supermarkets. Pete will hate me for this but I think access to it should be restricted to licensed premises and opening times shold be reduced like before. Its far too readily available. As for cigarrettes I think its evil the way the tobbacco companies add certain chemicals to them to increase the addictiveness of niccotine to get people hooked. Thats as bad as the drug dealers....

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