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Darts - Sport ?? You will suggest someone from snooker next or has that already happened in the past ? Synchronised swimming is another option.:001_tt2:
The Power has been on a diet .... I reckon he's down to about 18 stonee!!!!!!

Actually Premier League Darts makes good Sky TV!!!!
I can't wait for the world championships this Xmas on TV, its the only thing i actually look forward to at this time of year!

The excitement, the passion, the glamour!

What an athlete!!!!!!!
Chris, don't ask why Windy. No please don't. No.

Indeed, but I think there are TWO World championships this XMAS.

Darts has split in two, one of the championships is covered on Sky t'other on the Beeb.

The one one Sky is miles better!!!
Oh i dunno, i like the BDO one more, although the players arn't as good (no Taylor et cetera) as the PDC there is something a little more homely about ... lots of people getting drunk in a big pub watching darts.
Chris, don't ask why Windy. No please don't. No.

Hope all you cricket fans make the effort to vote for Anya Shrubsole tonight 5-11off19balls, surely the best bowling analysis of any cricketer m /f this year
Stopped watching that prog when they decided to cash in on getting people to phone in to vote coupled with having that Lineker presenting it
LE - aka John
Wow this is an old thread to be rideing again... and some names from the past...

As for Lineker.... 15,000 license fee paing families pay his wage at the BBC.... at an average of 3 per family, thats 45,000 people.... or the size of a fairly large town.
I do not watch it either but we can still vote
Pleased that the England Women cricketers won team of the year.
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