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India v Australia
This looks likely to be a fascinating series and a pointer as to how well the Australians are dealing with the loss of McGrath, Warne, Langer et al.
Any predictions as to the outcome? I fancy that, if the pitches take spin, India could win reasonably comfortably.
INDIA 4-0. And Terry i was just going to start this thread looks like you beat me too it by 7 minitutes. Remember tests start on thursday at 5 am i think on skysports. My full indian style preview will be later. I bet you cannot wait.
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Let's hope the Ozzies get a beating. They never will though, very tough even with their current team. Lets hope for a great series and some quality cricket.
Ripped off.............again................
Should be a great series. I'd never bet against the Aussies though - when did they last lose?

Also confirmed as Ganguly's last series. Irritating bugger - but a good player.
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India Preview:

India- Well the Indian team have got to prove to themselves and the rest of the world that they are a good team. There is probably going to be nothing like that shaky test series in Sri Lanka. With Ganguly announcing this will be he last series, he will be out to go out on a high note. Sachin Tendulkar,Dravid, Kumble and Laxman(although not as much) will need to prove to everyone and meet their own high expectations. All of these players will need to show their worth in the series. Although the youngsters are not maybe experienced enough at first class yet it might be better having them than some exhausted players(even if they always play their hearts out) Harbhajan needs to focus on bowling the aussies out and not have monkey arguements with them. Luckily, Symonds is not here. Zaheer Khan needs to carry on what he is doing. Ishant same really. The openers are Indias best chance of winning this series. Gautum and Viru are the best atm in any team. They are in good form. Dhoni is by far our best keeper in the country and even if some people dont rate him i do. Badrinath will have to show if he can cut it if he plays and RP Singh and Munaf Patel will fight it out if india play 3 seamers.

Possible Star Batsmen: Sehwag- As i said above he is in good nick and when he comes off he is the most attacking batsmen in the world. Thats why he will be key if God forbid the middle order fails. He has bailed us out before and will no doubt have to do it in this series.

Possible Star Bowler: Harbhajan: This was a hard pick but Harbhajan i think will be key to bowling the aussies out as he has Pointings number although Ishant Sharmas spell against the aussies in australia was one the best i have ever see by a indian bowler. It will be on youtube if you did not see it.

Points to Prove: Seniors- Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, Ganguly, and maybe Laxman- Need to prove that the youngsters should not come in
Harbhajan- Can he go through a series without an arguement?
Badrinath- Can he cut it?

Wildcard: Mishra- Spinner if one of the spinners get injured or india decide to play 5 bowlers this guy will come into play. Good First Class bowler but will he be able to cut it at international level.

Strong Point- Most likely spinners

Weak Point- Middle Order? and of course fielding.

I have basically talked about the squad above. Team for First test will most likely be:

H. Singh
Z. Khan

Aus Preview-I know less about the aussies so this will be shorter.

The openers of australia need to show what they can do and show how well they can play. Hayden has played well against India in the past so he could be good in this series. Pointing has failed against india and harbhajan usually gets him out. Hussey and Clarke will be two key men for the aussies as they both play spin well and one is Mr Cricket apparently. Their keeper Haddin dont really know much about. Looked decent when played against india last time in ODI. Watson could be very good for the australians. Their bowlers Lee and Clark will be their strong point as they make the batsmen struggle. Johnson always does well against india. Pointing has said that they will play a spinner in the first test. Australias best spinner is at home fishing and the other one is in the squad-Clarke. Krejza and White are both as bad as each other so their weak point is their spinners which are key in india. Dont know much about the rest.

Possible Star Batsmen: Clarke- This guy can play spin well and will be the dangerman to India definitely as he has scored big against India before and will likely do it again.

Possible Star Bowler: Lee- He could bowl India out in 5 seconds. If he gets the openers he could rip through India and this will cause major problems.

Points to Prove: Pointing- can he play in india?
Spinners- Are they good enough?
Openers- Can they work together?

Wildcard: Boilinger- India have not seen much of him and if he comes in like Johnson did a few years back. He could be a danger to India.

Strong Point- Fielding and Pace bowlers

Weak Point- No half decent spinners. I could do better.

Most Likely team


Finally Decision- I firmly believe if everyone performs for India we will win 2-1 or 2-0 as without a good spinner the aussies wont really threaten us at home. I think the series will be close but if the Seniors come of we could be looking at a great series for india. And it will be very entertaining with the best team in world playing- INDIA.

Well thats my preview. Do you agree?
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Good preview DD. Just two points - overseas spinners (even Shane Warne) never do very well in India so the fact that Aussies dont appear strong in this area may not be such a loss. Also not sure how fit Watson is - but he will have a joib replacing Symonds who has very quietkly averaged nearly 80 in tests over the last year.

Ill go draw 1-1.
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I think the result of the series depends on how good the groundsmen are at delivering exactly the kinds of pitches India need. I should say that what is wanted is a pitch with just a little pace and bounce to help the spinners but not enough to get Brett Lee excited; and turning square from day one. That should be just about right for Kumble and Harbhajan. Then the captain needs to stop Harbhajan going off like a frog in a sock at the slightest provocation and spoiling it all.
The thing is the quailty of the groundsmen in india are not the best but it was obvious that we will make pitches for spinners that is why i suggested Australia needed a spinner. But you are right Kim. The spinners wont really matter as remember last time they beat us with pace but remember 15 wickets were picked up by Warne so it is a bit of a disadvantage.
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Cricinfo Preview for First Test

Definitely not as good as my series preview but here is the cricinfo preview for the first test. But i am sorry in my preview that simon katich is not in it as he will open for the first test.

And about the pitch they dont really know what to expect.
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I suppose that the worst that can happen is that it turns out to be a series between the has-beens (the Indian middle-order plus Kumble) and the never-will-be's (the inexperienced Australians who may not quite be good enough for Test cricket).
Even so, I shall certainly be watching.
A friend of mine is working in Bangalore this week and e-mailed me to say that the ground is virtually empty. No issues about allocation of test match tickets in India by the sound of it !
"Look at the results. Look at the table. Everything else is just opinion"
Looking at the Sky pictures, it doesn't look too bad -a few more than there would be at Edgbaston on a damp April Wednesday morning for the Bears against Derbyshire, for example. There's no doubt, however, that crowd support for Test cricket on the sub-continent is minimal compared with the crowds for one-day games.
Looks as if DD was right - Ponting had a point to prove.

That Aussie attack looks unusually weak - only three front line bowlers that I can see.
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An interesting first day but a draw looks the favourite result.
Kev Wrote:A friend of mine is working in Bangalore this week and e-mailed me to say that the ground is virtually empty. No issues about allocation of test match tickets in India by the sound of it !

No no, got the wrong end of the stick there. It is a public holiday in india today to celebrate something.Otherwise no doubt it would be near enough full. So they are no issues. Not a bad first day but it swayed towards the aussies. No spin as yet and there is little swing so Terrry you are right it looks to be a draw. However this is indias bad ground and they hardly ever win or draw here so.
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Not sure I understand your logic about the crowd, DD. Do you mean that whilst the locals will bunk off work to go to the cricket, they won't go there on their day off?
Terry Wrote:Not sure I understand your logic about the crowd, DD. Do you mean that whilst the locals will bunk off work to go to the cricket, they won't go there on their day off?

No because they will be doing relegious celebrations most of day so there will be no point in watching the game for 10 mins as because of the early start it will end early. So they will be no time to watch the game after celebration. Ok.
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So why schedule a test match for a day when they know that no-one will turn up ? I can imagine the outcry over here if the ECB took a decision like that about an Ashes test.
"Look at the results. Look at the table. Everything else is just opinion"
Its the 10th day of a hindu celebration i have found out. They means quite a view of bengalurians. I think it is the last but the BCCI arrange it like this to fit it in the tight schedule. There are many relegious celebrations so be fair and its like the muslims in the champions trophy, if it had been on, would have been in ramadan so its basically not only the BCCI's fault or anyones. When doing the FTP they might of not known when a full moon was going to arise. Anyway back to the game, indias wicket of clarke could be crucial if we bowl the aussies out inside 10 overs with the new ball tommorow. As around 300 will do them no good on a batting wicket. And then if we get say 400-500 we could force a result but if the aussies get 400 then they are more likely for the win unless india come on and get 600 but then it will be draw probably.
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Even though india had a good start. I hate to admit that the aussies have got a chance of winning this if they get sehwag early tommorow as the bounce is uneven and there was reverse swing the last session for Zak. If they get Sehwag it will put the team under huge pressure and we will most likely lose. But if he can a 100 in quick time we will back in it. For india, i think it all depends on viru and gautam as they are both in form.
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