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Reece Topley??
What do you all think about Reece as a replacement for Keith??  Dodgy
(04-10-2018, 08:58 AM)brummydoc Wrote: What do you all think about Reece as a replacement for Keith??  Dodgy

Would keep the physio busy.
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That's the issue. He's a more than decent bowler but very injury prone. Might be worth having his number in the contacts book in case we run out of seam options next season.
He had an operation on his back this summer that might improve his reliability - he is still quite young!
I might sign him subject to a stringent medical plus a work-out involving bowling ten overs uphill and into the wind.
The back op was to deal with his fifth stress fracture so, for his sake, I hope it worked.  He's too talented to be finished with cricket at the age of 24.
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I'm not sure if most people know how good he is or isn't because he is seldom seen playing. The last thing we would want is to pay a player and watch him hardly appear. If he had a back operation, that could either improve it or change nothing in which case why sign him if it doesn't improve or if you sign him, you might not see any improvement until you play him. A risk either way.
There's no way we'll be looking at Topley.  We have taken a gamble with signing Norwell, because of his injury record - he played one match last season, before picking up a (major) hamstring injury and only got back to full training at the beginning of September.  Having signed him and Miles, the only extra signing I can see us looking at, is a possible Trotty replacement - a middle order batsman with a bit of experience (to cover until the likes of Hose, Lamb and Banks come through, or at least prove themselves more).
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Understood - but I can't help thinking that our pace bowling attack looks a little samey and potentially below par for division one - given the lack of availability due to international call ups etc!

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