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Book announced about the 1994 treble season:
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Pity that after 24 years the club still has not named any part of the ground to commemorate the achievement.
LE - aka John
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(03-10-2018, 02:53 PM)Leicester Exile Wrote: Pity that after 24 years the club still has not named any part of the ground to commemorate the achievement.

Saw a post from a Board member on Linked In last week which celebrated promotion and referenced the team, staff, chairman etc referred to Bears, Edgbaston etc but did not mention Warwickshire at all. Absolutely astonishing!

There is a real crisis of identity at the moment I'm afraid. They've tied themselves in knots with branding and lost the plot.
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The club should flaunt the achievements of 1994 at every opportunity; the achievements of that summer will probably never be matched, either by Warwickshire or any other county.
Bears fan, Wolves fan, blood red Socialist, a not so vital statistician...
Agree with all of the above and even though I go on about it so often and have even tried to get Neal Snowball to try and do something, IT DOESN'T EVEN SAY WARWICKSHIRE COUNTY CRICKET CLUB ON THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING. DISGRACE. Can you imagine on the front of Old Trafford (Football) if it only said 'The Reds' and not Manchester United.
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Leicester Exile, randombear
The summer of 94 seems a long time ago now.... but it certainly was an achievement.

Moving on.... Personally I really like the Edgbaston logo ... It caters for both WCCC and Birmingham Bears.

Did you know that more people watch the Birmingham Bears than WCCC and that there were more fully paid Birmingham Bears season ticket holders than WCCC full price members last year.... Time to have a membership section for T20. You can then choose red ball cricket membership, T20 or both.... Throw in fifty over cricket for free if you buy both. It's a win win for all tastes....
Dumbing Down WB. It's like saying BBC and ITV should have Eastenders and Corrie on every night from 7 until 10 and relegate quality drama and educational programmes to post 10pm news because they attract more viewers
LE - aka John

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