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Players leaving?
It does seem a strange turn of events when these players , along with Josh, were being praised for putting in some good performances just a short time ago when at the same time we are bringing players in from elsewhere.
LE - aka John
(28-09-2018, 03:44 PM)Leicester Exile Wrote: It does seem a strange turn of events when these players , along with Josh, were being praised for putting in some good performances just a short time ago when at the same time we are bringing players in from elsewhere.

Bringing players in from elsewhere means either these guys wanted away or aren't good enough, either way the club has to be competitive in division 1, lessons have been learned from 2017
Andy Umeed has two first division centuries and Sunny Singh two first division five-fers. They both clearly have some talent. If we can't build on this then it suggests there is still something wrong with our coaching and development process. I hope both guys manage to find other counties and go on to have successful careers. I just wish it had been with Warwickshire.
Sometimes a change of club can be good for player and county, Will Rhodes a great example of that, bet Yorkshire regret it now but it was a good move @the time for Will and both team
Josh Poysden's move to Yorkshire though is looking a strange one now with Adil Rashid's signing of a contract for all formats. It might be that Josh will only get a game when/if Rashid plays for England. Get him back Warwickshire. How long will Jeetan stay. I cannot understand where he gets his energy from. He plays all formats and has done so year after year and still goes back to play in the domestic season in New Zealand. Incredible.
Yes can't work out Poysden's move that appears to have benefitted no one
We are short of a spinner. Strange one with Umeed and Singh, feel they've been a bit unlucky. Bet Umeed wishes he got the chances and perseverance that Sibley got. We really don't back our own anywhere near enough.

Re. Poysden, he's nowhere near good enough for 4 day cricket.
Umeed certainly had more chances than Banks
Broken finger didnt help Banks. He has time on his side though.
Quite frustrating if this is true, it seems that Barker would have been happy to stay had he been given the option.

A sad way to end his Warwickshire career.
Yes, I think that's an accurate picture of what happened. 
I don't know whether that reflects that the club were indifferent about keeping him or whether they blundered in not making an earlier offer.
Either way, good luck to him at Hampshire!
I guess we will know by this time next year whether Miles and Norwell have the ability to succeed in Division One.
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Looks like there will be more pressure on our middle order next year to consistently score well. Barker dug us out of a hole so many times in the past.
Also sounds like a bit of ' I told you so's '.
Sounds to me like an accident, we waited until last minute to ensure promotion and fitness and by then it was too late. Keith Barker had signed for Hampshire.

In any form of professional life, people want to feel appreciated and needed. Hampshire offered the olive branch and security but we left it far too late and Warwicks really should have been more proactive in securing a new two-year deal.

I think Keith Barker will be badly missed next year. Unless Chris Woakes is available we don't have an experienced all-rounder.
In letting Wright and Barker go, what the management have done is ensure that the side next season will look a lot different and to an extent, very untried. With Trott having retired, we will have 3 faces who will have a lot to live up to - No pressure there then. In a perfect world you do not have 3 matchwinners go at once and I am only thankful that in our openers, we have 2 newish players who looked the part last season. Imagine if both Sibley and Rhodes had both played poorly. The trouble is, if it looks a bad move and we miss both our outgoing bowlers, are the Management going to stand up and admit that they made a mess of this, especially the way Barker obviously felt he had no choice and made the decision to leave, 'During' a game. Dougie Brown was cast aside and scapegoated only to see us have an even more horrendous season in 2017 so if the management end up looking stupid, they will not get any sympathy anywhere.
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