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Bears v Pears
Here's my report.
Those two dropped catches, both of them routine, may well have made all the difference - but, of course, even if the Bears had won, they would still be out of the competition.
Despite the drops, it was a great innings by the local boy.
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Here are the final averages:
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Thanks Terry

For one moment I thought we may win it.

To be honest, this was a reasonable attempt by a Bears side that 15 months ago was a shambles and is only top of a division in the county championship, because the standard of division 2 is generally poor. If we were currently in Division one, we would soon be found out. Improvement takes time... whatever the format.
Grant Elliott has now officially retired:
So there's a vacancy for next year both for a player and for a captain.
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A distinguished career. A shame he couldn't end by winning the blast but I think he's done better with us than some give him credit for. I wish him all the best in his retirement!
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I'm afraid to say that I'm one of the ones who give him very little credit, average at best in a very poor team performance, some of his captaincy in the last couple of years has been luke warm. Ask Jeetan.
This season he was the leading wicket taker with 19 wickets at an average under 20. Last season he was our highest averaging batsman with 332 runs at an average of 33.2 while also taking 12 wickets and taking us to the final. I would say that's not a bad record! I think people compare him to other overseas players which is unfair as he's a Kolpak, not an overseas player.
Proud to be a Bear
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Unfortunately my view of Grant Elliott is based on his inability to learn from mistakes. Flick(sound of coin being tossed), "The Bears have won the toss, what are you going to do Grant", "We'll have a bowl" says Grant. 75 minutes later "Aaahgh! We've conceded 200+ yet again" says Grant as about 7500+ fans say "Yes Grant even we on the sidelines could have told you that was coming".
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