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Brian Halford?
Does Brian still work for Warwickshire? I miss his posts, articles, etc.
I'm pretty sure he does. I'm sure I saw an article by him on the website the other day.
Recent article here:
Interesting that the only other Bears century makers for England who were born in Warwickshire/Birmingham were Dennis Amiss and Ian Bell.
Of course, there is another Birmingham-born (male) cricketer with a Test century to his name. 
Who is?
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I think there are two. Moeen Ali. Andrew Symonds.
Yes indeed there are - somehow I was forgetting Moeen!
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Halford poses an interesting question actually: who will be the 10th Warwickshire player to score a Test century for England? I'd be surprised if it's any of the current first team squad.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Sam Hain, if he realises his full potential.
Proud to be a Bear

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