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Tom Milnes
I've only just noticed that Tom Milnes played for the Seconds last week, in their penultimate official game of the season against Notts.  He's been playing for Sussex Seconds for most of the year, since his release from Derby.  Do people think this was just a one off (or two off - the Seconds' last match is Northants on 22/8) game for us again - perhaps he just got a match as he had come back home from Hove (Sussex Seconds have already finished their season).  Or will he making a 'comeback' in the Squad next season (at least having game time for the Seconds) ?  He is still only 25 !
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Probably a combination of factors involved.
1) with injuries and T20 games an additional seamer was needed.
2) it gave us a chance to have another look at how he is playing
3) he's been doing well for Berkswell in the Birmingham league, so those performances were worth the club taking another look.
The club have also used Brin Phagora and Ben Brookes for some games this season.
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