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Sibley - a Leggie?
I haven't seen Sibley bowl, but I noticed that someone on the Forum said that his, "leg spin was a useful addition to the team - and he could bat better (obviously!) than Josh P". When did our Dom take up leg spin - I'm sure I read that he was an off spinner at the Oval?
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I'm not sure whether he's changed his action or not, but I did notice during the game against Yorkshire that he was bowling leg spin. I was listening to the commentary through my earpiece and one of the commentators said something along the lines of "he's got a very wristy action for an off spinner" so they too were presumably under the impression that he was bowling off spin. I feel like I might have seen him bowling leg spin last season at some point but I may be mistaken.
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I definitely saw him bowl am over of dreadful leg spin last year but I can't remember which match it was.
Against Yorkshire in the Blast I thought he bowled four good overs - and it definitely looked like leg spin to me. 
Cricinfo still has him down as bowling off spin but unless my eyes have been deceiving me, he is bowling leg spinners now.
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