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Bears v Vikings
We should probably open a new thread for this, we’re essentially all moaning now after Warks won a game against good opposition. However, there were a few interesting points raised after my comment earlier so permit me the intrusion of a reply.

@GrizzlyBear @narsty simon: Slight misinterpretation of my point. I’m with you that T20 in the UK is scheduled by the ECB to the detriment of first class game. But that’s squarely the fault of our administrators - it would be more accurate to say UK adminstrators are actively killing first class cricket. Go back to county cricket in the early 1960s there was decline interest in the County game, limited overs is widely credited with bringing it back. The formats do need each other. This interesting colour piece elaborates:

@Exiled Bear. I think you’ve hit on something very prescient here. Limited overs cricket does seem to feel the need to promote sideline entertainment to plug games. Flintoff dressed at Elvis? Pack it in! It’s all a bit crass and the ancillary fripperies are never done that well. I think serving you a pint and then immmdiately kicking you out is an example of that crassness. Maybe it’s a lack of confidence in the main show? First Class and Tests never seem to need that enhanced marketing effort.
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