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Members nets morning
(19-03-2018, 04:23 PM)narsty simon Wrote: Thanks to all @wccc for another excellent members nets, good to see Emily, Marina and Adrian, coffee and biscuits on entry, a lovely lunch and cake to finish what's not to like

Shouldn’t that be cakes in the plural Simon?!!!!! Following on from the comment about the Cricket Society meeting tonight, what an absolute star OHD is. Stepped in at short notice and one of the most entertaining, funny, insightful and honest speakers we’ve had. A delight. Such a nice chap. Wish him all the best for the season.
Yes a fantastic evening's entertainment the guy is a legend
A change to hear from a cricketer who has not had a glittering career. Not one of the most talented players to have played for the club. But a very impressive man in every other way. I hope he has a long career with Warwickshire, if not on the field then in a coaching capacity, he seems to have all the personal qualities needed.
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Agree with everything said about OHD, been good entertainment listening to him over the last 2 days. I hope he does really well when he plays in the first team this year. He said about Oli Stone how quick he is, and thinks he could play for England.
Particularly enjoyed his comment about red ball cricket still being the best form of the game!!
(21-03-2018, 04:17 PM)narsty simon Wrote: Particularly enjoyed his comment about red ball cricket still being the best form of the game!!

OHD for ECB Chairman
LE - aka John
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narsty simon
He'd never get a job with them, far too much personality and common sense
I too thought OHD was fantastic at the Nets session. He is not the greatest of bowlers but seems a top bloke. Hopefully in the second division he can find some form and confidence against lower level batsman.

My only slight gripe about the day was being unable to recognise the players, with so many new guys in it would have been nice to have had their names on the backs of their shirts. I tried go on the website to look at profiles and link them to who I could see but the website does not appear to have been updated to reflect the new lads who have come in.

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