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New Franchise T20
According to The Times, the franchises will not have city or county names. I dare say they will be called things like Lions, Tigers, Bears etc.

It's going to make it even harder to establish any allegiance to these teams.
Would be fitting if one team are called clowns
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Leicester Exile
(02-01-2018, 07:03 PM)narsty simon Wrote: Would be fitting if one team are called clowns

Or the Mercenaries? Chris Gayle will be in there somewhere if the price is right. Might actually take his hands out of his pockets if he’s feeling particularly motivated!
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Rediculous... need to have city names if they are city teams. Do we know how many teams there will be?

The way we are heading, I think the answer is to cut the number of counties from 18 to 12.... and run with that in all forms. A quick and clean solution....gets the pain and upset over and done with quickly.... rather than the long and slow route to that.

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