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The Ashes
Michael Vaughan has his say about the drinking culture:
My daughter Gemma arrived in Perth today and could be my inside spy now, though I suspect that she will only tell me what she wants me to hear. 
She has already said hello to Jonny Bairstow - he greeted her with a handshake rather than a head-butt, thank goodness.
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(Yesterday, 09:14 PM)Leicester Exile Wrote: Sky doesn't need to be £50+. For the full package including Movies and Sport I pay £27.20 pm. Like most this is achieved by telling them I am cancelling. Big problem though is BT have taken Premier RU and now the Aussie Ashes and for a lot of people a big reduction in Premier Football. One plus is they are now covering Championship Football which includes Blues (for this season at any rate) and AV.

Agreed LE. I negotiate this way with Sky and BT every year.

Best way I've found to to do it is using the "Live Chat" facility which takes the emotion out of it!

Currently paying £38 pm for Sky Sports Package (inc. HD) and £17 pm for BT Sports (inc. HD). These are both 18 month deals taking me up to October next year.

£55 pm total doesn't seem too bad to me considering 80% of our viewing is live sport.

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