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Finals Day
George covers some familiar ground but also flags up likely changes in the near future and in 2018:
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parkfield bear
Official club preview and squad
While Robert may be bad, Robert is not all Mugabe's.
There are GOOD Mugabe's
It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
Thanks Terry and TGM....
A reasonable score. Perhaps looks a little worse than it is because we started well and finished slowly. A bit like Surrey in the quarters.
C'mon bowlers (and fielders).
Engrosing match... brilliant atmosphere... ... brilliant fielding... excellent weather.... ... haveing a great time...

CYB.... think we will win this match.... but you never know.... fasinating.
An excellent fielding and bowling performance.
Nice of Chris to bowl some pies in the last over to keep it tense.
A couple of hours to get some stuff done before the final.
Yes the key for me was getting Ingram and Miller out cheapily. I thought Stone bowled great, backed up by great fielding. Not so sure about Woakes at the death going by that last over. That was so close to a six and the 6 off two balls, who knows!

A brilliant all round performance. So happy. Whatever happens later today, they've done themselves and the club proud.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Youuuuuuu Bears.
Paul fondled my onion bags.
Not sure who I'd prefer we face in the final.
Both good teams in fairness
Paul fondled my onion bags.
Here's something to ponder - should we keep the same side for the final or should we go back to our quarter final team given the way Woakes performed.
LE - aka John
This is the final i predicted when out last night.........thought that Notts might have a bit much for us but hopefully not.
I'd bowl Woakes in the 3rd over :-)
Good start......Patel is a dangerous batsman though
Sibley has been overbowled.

He is not a frontline spinner.......that should be him out of the attack now.
We are slinging pies down now.

Not handling the occasion as well as the 2 batsmen..............who it has to be said are playing very well.
A big lesson for some of our bowlers...

Excellent fielding by the bears....
You learn a lot about how players perform under pressure and whether they can cope.

Very damaging last over for Stone....
Excellent batting from Notts (unfortunately).
Ugly last over, but the wicket has runs in it. Fielding is tricky given the dew.

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