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Middlesex v Warwickshire

Well done boys and nice to see us moving in the right direction with recruitment. If only we had addressed it before the season started, but ah well.
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(08-08-2017, 04:11 PM)narsty simon Wrote: Still a tall order & if we avoid relegation it will be like winning the championship, I am absolutely buzzing, it may be a school night but I am going to sink a few 126all out 1st dig&we win in a canter, does it get any better than this?

I imagine the team are buzzing as well after this excellent win.We can stay up especially if the captain starts contriibuting.
I'll be celebrating as well and i reckon the lads deserve a pint or two also.
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It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
Great result, well done to all involved. (Especially sweet as a very close friend is a Middlesex member/nutcase)
It's very encouraging - but also very strange indeed - to see that we have finally managed to unearth new batsmen and bowlers in varying formats that give the first team squad(s) a fresh look with increased energy, and hopefully, ambition. If we had them why did we wait so long to use them?
Finally step aside Ian, hopefully you can find some form as a batsman and give us another season or so. Jeetan looks twice the character and captain all over the field.
A fantastic win after our first innings. I still think Bell was over-cautious but it does not matter now. I was pleading for the last 2 of our wickets to fall quickly as I didn't want the heavens to open with them 5-6 down and the wet stuff on the way. I do wonder how many captains have a look at long range forecasts. Andy Lloyd when he was captain, always hated the boring 3 day CC draws that he used to have to play through when he first started and always had a look at the weather forecast. He made some superb declarations based on what was around the corner weatherwise and we won a few games by that thinking. Hope one of the management or senior players go to Matt Lamb and tell him what a ******* brilliant job he did yesterday, holding things together when it could easily have fallen apart and enabled us to take charge of the game. High praise for younger players trying to 'make their way' cannot do any harm. Has this come a little too late? Who knows, depends on if we can keep Woakes and I hope he doesn't get into the Test squad, England should squash the Windies without him anyway. COYB, where there is life there is hope.
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Yet another great advert for proper cricket, winning that game by such a margin after being bowled out for 126,can't happen in any other format
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Highlights of the day here (Middlesex supporters look away now):
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Thanks Terry... I enjoyed watching that ;-)
Really encouraging. It maybe still needs an implosion by one of the other counties for us to get out of this hole but maybe we can do a Leicester City.

Next round of games Surrey play Middlesex so will take points off each other, whilst Somerset go to Essex so will get thrashed. We might be in with a shout by month end after all.
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narsty simon
Happy days. My only worry is about a Woakes England recall. He is vital to the balance of the side, particularly without Clarke as an alternative.
On the other hand we should be grateful that Barker was never seriously on England's radar. Far worse all rounder have caps.
They probably never considered Barker because of his lack of pace. Vernon Phillander wouldn't have been considered for Engalnd

Back to the bottom after Somerset's draw with Surrey:
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But we're now only 31 points behind Middlesex in 6th place. A step in the right direction.
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