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Derbyshire RL Cup
60 off the last 10 is slightly disappointing but the total should at least be competitive. Let's face it, in the last two or three matches it's been game over by half time.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
50 runs short of a good total.

Derby should chase these down with relative ease.
Oh well. We left ourselves short after a bright start.

We play badly = we lose
We play reasonably well = we lose

Worrying times.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
The game has advanced in all formats, most counties have taken it on board, it would appear that we have not. In the present format it would seem that we (captain, players, management) don't know how to chase or set a total, that's a problem in limited overs cricket.
The tail of our innings was awful and cost us the game really.
Paul fondled my onion bags.
26 runs from the final 5 overs with 6 wickets in hand simply isn't good enough. Should have been more like 50 runs.

How on earth did we manage to win this tournament last year?!
Proud to be a Bear
I agree that we performed poorly in our last ten overs.
But the problems started before that. Two different batsmen setting out to score a century at a run a ball. No one else is playing like that.
Yes, run-a-ball hundreds are no good if no one else is getting out and you just have 1 wicket down. Other sides seem to have dynamic batmen who want to score quicker and get a ton off 80-85 balls. Perhaps Hain, Trott, Bell and Ambrose don't feel they can get a move on if they look at the rest of the team and realise what might happen if they get out.
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Its hard to be critical of Sam Hain after yet another hundred in this format. its good that he is being able to build his confidence in this format. The one positive really.

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coolerking, Lilly
Nothing against the lad (he's still young and learning his trade), but what is the purpose of picking Aaron Thomason in the RL Cup at the moment ?!  He has hardly bowled in the last 3 games (half a dozen or so overs - and got thumped in those) and has batted 6 or 7, to get no more than 16 runs.  He did OK bowling against Durham a while back, but has not had a chance since.  I don't know if he's helping the team much at present - and the lack of involvement certainly won't do anything for his confidence !

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