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RL Cup @ Notts May 5th
We're going to lose this aren't we?
Proud to be a Bear
That is the defence of our RL cup all done with then
I know it's hindsight but should Thomason have come in above Clarke?
Dreadful. Hannon-Dalby has cost us the game.
Proud to be a Bear
(05-05-2017, 06:42 PM)narsty simon Wrote: I know it's hindsight but should Thomason have come in above Clarke?

I don't think so - Clarke 25 off 15, Thomason 27 off 21. Either way, this is an awful result.
Proud to be a Bear
I think that Hannon-Dalby is just one of the reasons.

Bell mucking around at 4 and 5 an over and our refusal to start getting the scoreboard ticking over.

Allowing them to build a massive stand when 92 for 4.

Our general negative attitude towards chasing a total or setting one................I could go on and on
Absolutely disgraceful defeat !! Meanwhile laurie evans hits a match winning century for sussex !!
(05-05-2017, 06:00 PM)Measham Bear Wrote: Sleepwalking toward 10 an over...........there was no need for the RR to get this high.

2 new batsmen in now needing boundaries, should have been looking to go over the top more earlier on.

And now Lamb has gone.................

Exactly like the two previous matches this team is completly clueless !!
At least there is no relegation from this format...................
We keep finding new ways to lose, which is a worrying sign.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Very disappointing to get close and then lose, doesn't justify the moron by me shouting obscenities at OHD. Needs to crawl back in his hole. No place for that at cricket. Thomason I thought kept his head well and Trotty was composed and efficient as ever.
Giles needs to use this season to continue bringing younger players through...........not for the sake of it but Poysdon, Thomason, Lamb etc need to be given game time.

Going down will be a blessing as long as we open our eyes and do not deny that it is happening.

We need a clear out but we cannot do it in May so the older guys will still be needed this season.
What a shambles - it looked so promising at one stage but the second half of the Notts innings had a depressing inevitability about it. I know it's not really fair to pick on individuals but RC and OHD's combined bowling figures this week tell their own story: 54-1-399-3. No wonder our batsmen have struggled, still, at least there was a maiden in there!

I don't know what the answer is but let's look for some positives:

1. Hain seems to have found some form
2. Ditto Trott
3. Umeed scored a double hundred for the seconds today
4. The sun has shone
5. I do believe that Ashley Giles is aware of the size of the issue and I have confidence he'll do something about it. However, it will take time and I'm afraid we need to be patient and realistic. We're not going to progress in this competition and it looks odds on we'll be relegated from the CC. Let's hope our Kiwi imports help us in the 2020. This season may well go down as the turning point, there need to be major changes both in the playing and coaching staff if we're to get back to where we belong. It's going to take time though and a willingness to make some tough decisions. The jobs for the boys approach has to be consigned to history I'm afraid - it's a nice idea to look after our former players by finding them coaching jobs but some are simply not good enough. Glad I'm not in Ashley's shoes but let's place our trust and faith in him doing the right things!
It only gets worse if you think of that team playing T20.
What a disappointment to get so near. I have to pull our skipper up on a few things - Josh was bowling in such a good rhythm that it seemed easier to just let him carry on instead of this stupid idea which often falls flat of "keeping a few over up his sleeve..". For what? Thomason showed promise with the bat v Durham so we kept him back for Lamb to come in during a pressure situation and use up too many balls. OHD bowled for too long at the end again and we never learn. Why does team selection prove to be so difficult when we see Javid again kept out as he is a batman and he can bowl, we shouldn't be so scared of having 3 spinners in a side. We did something again today which infuriates me as I have seen us do it so often over the years and it is that we get a good platform and cope well against the good bowling and yet a medium pace 'Ordinary' 6th bowler comes on a we let him dictate things to a certain degree and instead of doing what class batsmen should do and hit him out of the attack to give the opposing captain a bit more to think about, we make him look like a world-beater and change the game.
(05-05-2017, 07:49 PM)exiledinkent Wrote: It only gets worse if you think of that team playing T20.

I actually disagree - we seem to be able to play well for periods, but not for 50 overs. Also, a shorter format should lessen the impact of our weak lower order batting.

I've just checked the table, and amazingly we're still only 2 points off third. If we win our next game, we might not be in a bad position. Remember, last year we hit form at the right time by winning our last few group matches...
Proud to be a Bear
As if losing wasn't bad enough, I had to endure a Notts buffoon at the end of the game who despite not saying a great deal most of the time, took it upon himself to bravely say to 2 seniors who decided to leave early, "Not very graceful to leave early when you team is losing...". Doubt he would have said that to a young bloke who looked like he could 'Handle himself' and then started on anyone else who had the nerve to say something back to him including me. I can handle losing but not when it's then rubbed in your face but an idiot who has probably had 'A few too many' and thinks he's a bit of a character. Quite a few people including me told him to **** off which is the least he deserved. I don't remember too much of this in the past but it certainly happens much too often now where an away 'Supporter' is happy to come to a ground but thinks he can enjoy the day more by just having a go and winding-up a few home supporters even if they are probably 70+ like the 2 who left early. Very noble and brave.
There were some periods of the game where I could see the makings of a reasonable T20 side....

Disapointing result.... but it wasnt a spanking and there were some positives.
(05-05-2017, 06:45 PM)Exiled Bear Wrote:
(05-05-2017, 06:42 PM)narsty simon Wrote: I know it's hindsight but should Thomason have come in above Clarke?

I don't think so - Clarke 25 off 15, Thomason 27 off 21. Either way, this is an awful result.

Thomason ran out of partners

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