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Warwickshire v Yorkshire
(18-04-2017, 03:46 PM)DaveC Wrote:
(18-04-2017, 02:40 PM)Leicester Exile Wrote: That's unfair DC - it happens all the time in team sport - transitions and team re-building. Hopefully Gilo will put in place a better system to ensure the transition is more gradual.

Take your point LE. But the decline hasn't just "happened".

Most of us could see this coming over the last couple of seasons. An ageing team and a failing production line of new talent has been evident for 3 years.

And we should certainly have moved mountains to ensure that players like Chopra and Evans, who we could ill-afford to lose, were kept at the club.

There should have been some sort of contingency in place to ease the transition. I don't want to see the side bulked up with veterans and Kolpaks.

But I don't much like the alternative being offered by the professionals in charge with the 2017 season less than 2 weeks in.

Evans isn't good enough for div.1cricket, Chopra can't get in the Essex  side
I agree about Evans but Chopra was kept out by Cook - understandable
LE - aka John
To be fair to Laurie Evans, although he wasn't making it as a Division One batsman, we will miss him in limited overs cricket.

Chopra's another matter. He went from a heavy scoring run machine, on his way to an England place, to marginalised out-of-favour cast off. I don't know how or why that happened but it doesn't smell good and certainly doesn't reflect well on the coaching staff. I hope the same isn't happening to Sam Hain.
I've realised that Sam's poor form is a very clever ploy by the coaching staff to ensure that he doesn't get an England call up any time soon. If he started the season scoring buckets of runs he could have been in the England squad before long and then we wouldn't see him again. As things stand, there's a good chance we'll have his services for the whole season. Once he's off the England selectors radar he'll start scoring runs again. It's a very clever policy really.
Proud to be a Bear
(18-04-2017, 08:56 PM)Leicester Exile Wrote: I agree about Evans but Chopra was kept out by Cook - understandable

Why couldn't he have opened with Cook?
I think the point is that Essex - yes, even Essex - have a deep enough squad that they can choose between several good openers. And us?
(17-04-2017, 05:44 PM)coolerking Wrote: King of Spain sounding pretty downbeat there and it seems to me downplaying talk of significant recruitment.  He sounds like he's saying things may get worse before they get better and, with the age of the squad, I think he's right.

The club has known for two years that our top order is poor

Nothing has been done to cure this problem - Surry get Stoneman and Borthwick and we do absolutely nothing.

This is negligent management and as a result of it relegation beckons and Im afraid we deserve it
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To be fair with the return of Bell and Trott and the emergence of Sam Hain they probably thought they could bridge that weakness. Bell and Trott two of the outstanding batsmen of a generation and the greatest English warwickshire batsmen in my life-time with Dennis Amiss. So its the openers that we haven't addressed, particularly with what happened with Chopra and Westwood and Porterfield not being good enough.

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parkfield bear
Interesting from Paul Greetham
While Robert may be bad, Robert is not all Mugabe's.
There are GOOD Mugabe's
It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
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