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Surrey v Warwickshire
It makes Bell's decision to bat even more incomprehensible
(08-04-2017, 04:44 PM)paulbear Wrote: Mark Footit is at best, a 'Decent' bowler but we have this great ability to make bowlers like this look like world-beaters. I know they lost their last 7 pretty quickly but the pitch has not suddenly deteriorated and become unplayable. I do hope this is not the shape of things to come.

Scoreboard pressure
Footitt has 6 for 6 off 7.3 overs. Ridiculous.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Seven gone for less than 50.

Blues concede a last minute goal to lose.

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narsty simon
Ambrose hits a four to ruin his figures.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Even that doesn't compensate for watching this
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61-9nothing more needs to be said
8 down for 18 runs - either the pitch has been doctored or our batting is unacceptable
LE - aka John
I think we all know the answer to that.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Have to say it wasn't as bad as this during the Greaybatch years
Five ducks in an innings by a professional side is... well... unprofessional.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
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narsty simon
Dernbach doing his best for us. Top effort.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Performance like this just can't be forgotten and move on to the next the size of Warwickshire shouldn't accept such shocking performances...I hope Bell and co come out to apologise to those fans who have travelled...
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narsty simon
I've watched 3 full seasons of Bears CC cricket since retiring in 2013.

Each year has seen a gradual deterioration in performance. The home game against Surrey in 2016 showed just how big a gulf was opening up.

Last year's 50 over success and the last game win v Lancs covered up a multitude of problems and now our skint, debt-ridden club has been left with a skeleton squad of over-the-hill players living on former glories and serial under-achievers.

I started with low expectations and I thought we'd do well to hang on to 5th/6th position this season. Today's events have left me believing we're almost nailed on for relegation.

I've enjoyed 2 lovely days here in the sun and yes Footit has bowled well. As a previous poster said he's a pretty good left-arm seamer in decent form. That still does not excuse such a pathetic capitulation.

I've the utmost respect for Ashley and Jim but they must have gone into this season either wearing rose-tinted specs or believing that a few pep talks could reverse the decline.

An opening pairing of Mellor and Porterfield shows just how fanciful our prospects are.

It's going to be a tough watch this season.   Sad
TBF Porterfield and Mellor were the best of the top5
Embarrassing. I guess the Bears' dressing room was not a good place to be today. So what next? The game's gone but we can either get steamrolled again - in which case everyone else will walk all over us this season - or try to put up a better show in the second innings. Season defining day tomorrow.
Tomorrow's performance will say a lot about how much fight this side have - if we roll over then we could be in for a long season. However if we put up a fight and somehow manage to avoid losing, it could help in future games
Proud to be a Bear
And God's county up next
You don't usually expect to see Trott and Bell make nothing between them and talking about relegation at this stage of the season is a bit premature but I can understand the annoyance with having seen this sort of pathetic batting too often. An aging side though is giving the whole of the side a bit of a get out clause collectively and saying that someone should have done something about this by now. We know that we should have either had players coming through or got other players in from other counties but those who were available didn't seem to want to come and Bell and Trott are not too over the hill to score runs but if it wasn't for Clarke's bowling, he would be dropped for his batting which hasn't been strong for a while, Mellor is still new and Porterfield just never convinced when he was at Gloucestershire so it's always been a mystery as to why we wanted him in the first place. The only thing to do from here if this continues is to say "Well, we are going down so we might as well drop a few seniors and bring in youngsters to give them experience...", the only trouble is they might be brought in to a negative set-up which just perpetuates and drags them down with it. I hope this is just a case of an unfulfilled player having a good bowling performance and us just being caught in the middle of it early season. We are to a certain extent, stuck with the players we have and I will pass judgement after a few more games but that doesn't mean I'm not ****** off because I am.
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Harborne Bear
You can post as flowery a post as you like, the bottom line is that we are currently a side lacking confidence and leadership

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