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Laurie Evans
I hope this move works out well for Laurie:
His career seems to have stalled since he was man-of-the-match in the T20 Final; but even so, his departure depletes the pool of batters that is already pretty shallow.
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In the unlikely event that we see much of Chris Woakes in 2017 he could well find himself batting at 5.

Laurie Evans will be missed much more in white ball cricket - where he was one of our few power hitters - than he will in the four day game. It seemed he was never quite going to cut it in Division One. Maybe Division Two will be his level.
He had that one really good season in the cc but since then hasn't done much in red ball cricket. Sad to see him go but we need either somebody to step up from the academy or bring in new faces.

Laurie probably had to make the move now, as he want's to play four day cricket. He's never secured a place in the championship team & was unlikely to do so.

While he will be missed in the shorter form of the game, his departure gives an opportunity for the younger players, Thomason, Lamb, Pollard, Banks & Umeed to step up and show they are capable of playing consistently at Division 1 standard.
While Robert may be bad, Robert is not all Mugabe's.
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It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
Agreed TGM a chance for one of the youngsters to to make a case for regular selection
Sorry to see him go, match winner in one day cricket. Brilliant fielder. At his age has to be playing first team cricket. Warwickshire seem to have a squad of veterans or youngsters. No one in their prime who seems good enough. big team building task for new cricket director.
Not a good start to the New Year for Laurie:
Apart from the fact that the Mirror has taken 10 years off his age in the sub-heading, I like the bit that says: "The sportsman ran after the car but realised he could not catch up."  I would have thought that, with his renowned self-confidence, he would have felt well capable of overtaking a Mercedes on foot.
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Wish Lorry all the best with his future career.
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(04-01-2017, 01:40 PM)Lilly Wrote: Wish Lorry all the best with his future career.

A Lorry certainly isn't going to overtake a Mercedes
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Leicester Exile
I like to keep an eye on former Bears, it's fair to say it has not been a great year for Laurie in the CC, an average of 6 and only played 4 games. He did much better in the white ball format though, top scorer in the 50 over and second highest in T20.

I imagine he will be making the most of his skills in the shorter format, just in time for the ECB's money fest!
In his Deep Extra Cover end of season review, my colleague Oliver Park is a bit scathing about Laurie:

"Could have done better:

In some respects criticising Laurie Evans, in a season where he was the county’s leading run-scorer in the One Day Cup and third in the T20 Blast, may seem unfair. Particularly given his amazing innings against Kent in the One Day Cup where Sussex, chasing a score well in excess of 300, won thanks to his 134 not out off just 86 balls. There is no escaping Evans’ truly dreadful Championship season, however. Having moved to the South Coast in part due to play more First Class cricket, a return of 48 runs from 8 innings at an average of 6 was desperately disappointing for a player of his talent."
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Laurie gets a call-up:
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