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India v England
Yes dreadful wicket. Geoffreys grandma could have batted on that with a stick of rubarb. Only done anything on the first day,

How to kill off Test Cricket ! Found the series boring and half the time I even forget there is a game taking place
LE - aka John
bet the players will be so glad to get home after this series hammering
I suspect that James Anderson realised that he was suffering from "body soreness" the moment he saw the pitch for this Test - and I guess that Chris Woakes won't have been too disappointed to miss out.
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Need to ship some of that rhubarb out there quickly.
Geoffrey's grandmother was quite a player:
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she must have been a tough cookie

"she was severely injured in a fight with a doorman outside a chip shop in Barnsley over the last pie. The bouncer, however, died in hospital later that evening." all over a pie.

Regarding England's Test Match winter, Vic Marks comes close to getting it right:

As for Geoffrey Boycott's grandmother, I'm surprised that the wiki entry didn't cover her sad demise which caused such a stir at the time.  On a visit to the famous Gough and Vaughan brewery in Ilkley, she stumbled and fell into a vat of Old Closey's Best Putrid Ale.  The inquest heard how she had struggled valiantly for three hours before finally drowning.  They also noted that she had got out twice to go to the toilet.
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