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Warwickshire v Lancashire
This could be a tense four days.
Let's hope that Durham travel well on the long journey down to the Aegeas Bowl and that the Bears have re-focused following the RLODC final.
Meanwhile, Middlesex v Yorkshire should be quite a game and a good test of the true popularity of the county championship.
I shall be at Edgbaston for the Lancs game but it would be nice to be in three places at once.
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I will be at all 4 days at Edgbaston despite a couple on this site thinking I do not care for my team and just the name on the front of the building (Or lack thereof). If the players cannot be up and ready for this game then they might as well play the full 2nd XI. It will be tense and all sorts of twists and turns could apply especially as Lancs are not exactly safe. Hard to believe they were sitting pretty a few months ago. I reckon Yorkshire will take loads up to Lords for the game, a lot more than we had at Worcester 4 years ago when we looked unbeatable and clinched the title without Bell, Trott, Woakes, Ambrose and Patel. Where did it all go wrong.
You reckon it will last four days?
It might not last 4 days but it all depends on 'who needs what' from the game. Lancs might be safe by the time it is played but we might just see players who have been poor in the CC all season suddenly knowing there is no way back and not just playing for the team to stay up but also for their own futures. I do have faith in Warwickshire though lately it has crumbled a little.
Because both Lancashire and Durham have a game next week, the odds are that the final relegation place will be between us and Hampshire. Unless we can beat Lancashire, which on present form is unlikely, the best we can hope for is a draw with decent bonus points and hope that Hampshire don't win, or that they win with very few bonus points.

Maybe a win at Lord's next Saturday might give us a shot in the arm, although performances in the RL and the Championship bear no relation to each other. Ian Bell and Sam Hain being the most glaring examples of this discrepancy.
There were a few poor performances in the fifty overs too.... but the main thing was that to get to the final we won the right games.... perhaps our last game in the cc this season would be a nice time to do that?

My trip to Worcester on the 6th September 2012 and watching that final wicket fall at arround 1.30pm now seems a very long time ago.....
I'll be there after lunch on days 1 and 2 and going all day on days 3 and 4. I'm touching cloth to be honest and its kinda took the shine off the Lords final for me.
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Totally understand B4L..... feel the same...... Five VERY big days.
I will try and separate the 2 games and just focus on the final first and when that is finished, then it's survival time. Often the season just fades away fast but the intensity will be there for such a long time from this time next week and then we have to grit our teeth a few days later and start all over again.
Looks like Somerset have thrown the Championship race wide open.
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I reckon Chris Rogers might live to regret his daft decision to declare when he had a bowler injured when they played Middlesex recently. If the match at Old Trafford is drawn tomorrow then Middlesex will have a 10 point lead over Somerset which will be difficult to make up. Had Rogers settled for a draw in their game v Middlesex and The Old T game is a draw then Somerset would be top. It must cross his mind at some point. I think Yorkshire have blown it. Hard to believe that both losses for them this season have been at home.
Not sure I like the look of this. Assuming Hampshire produce a result pitch then a win with full bowling bonus points then even a draw against Lancs won't be enough.
By my reckoning a draw for Lancs would do them. That won't help.
Its gonna be a long 3 or 4 days next week..
If Hants win with at least 6 bonus points and we lose or draw, we're relegated. At the risk of sounding like a cliched football manager, our destiny is in our hands - the team need to ensure that we win to ensure safety - it's as simple as that. Hants wouldn't be able to trump that even if they won too, assuming we picked up at least one bonus point that is (if my maths is correct of course).

Saturday's final is in some ways an unwelcome distraction but I think they need to focus on that and that alone before focusing too much on the CC game. Either way, a massive and season defining five days of cricket ahead, the outcome of which will potentially affect some of the team's careers. COYB!
I have to say that I think the weather will intervene at some stage and Hampshire will have to be aware of preparing a pitch that looks good for bowling. Remember, Durham have a choice in whether they bowl first so it could all backfire.
(15-09-2016, 09:01 PM)paulbear Wrote: I have to say that I think the weather will intervene at some stage and Hampshire will have to be aware of preparing a pitch that looks good for bowling. Remember, Durham have a choice in whether they bowl first so it could all backfire.

If Hampsire produce a result wicket I guess it will be because it turns square on day one. Durham's strength is surely the seam bowling.
So what wicket should Warks prepare ?
LE - aka John
exiledinkent, I know their strength is bowling but as the away side, they could bowl first if they wanted to if the wicket looks to be seamer friendly. Not sure Hampshire have had much luck with spin as an attack strategy - I may be wrong, I haven't checked.
That's the exact question we've been asking. I haven't got a clue. Whatever we produce, can the batsmen perform on it? I hope I'm wrong but I have my doubts. 2 wins all season....perhaps we deserve to go down.....and I'm really fed up about it!
We're all fed up about it seeing as we have enough experience in the side to muster decent scores. Not sure what we should do but what we will do is produce the same sort of pitches we have had most of the season, a bit of help for the bowlers but good enough for any batsman who gets his head down and doesn't give it away.

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