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Olly Stone
It appears we have signed him for next season. We're also in the hunt for Keaton Jennings.

Source- George Dobell on Cricinfo.

Also Laurie Evans wants away. Stoneman is going to Surrey. Must be the lure of L2 cricket!
Look like two good, young signings in the offing. Can't say I would be disappointed if Evans moved on. I think L2 cricket would suit his talents.
LE - aka John
Positive news in both, fingers crossed we get the Jennings deal over the line, I said earlier in the year that I've been impressed by the improvement in him this season.

Are we one of the counties speaking with Borthwick does anyone know? Another that I would like to see us go for, hitting his peak now and offers the invaluable spin option.
Paul fondled my onion bags.
Apparently Borthwick is speaking to Notts and Surrey
Olly Stone speaks:
He could have been jumping the gun but Mark Butcher on Sky said that Surrey have signed Borthwick. Not sure if anyone has told Notts!
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Keaton Jennings is staying at Durham. New 4 year deal. I hope we've got a few more openers lined up.

Westwood and Umeed opening next season...
Paul fondled my onion bags.

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