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Lightning v Bears
Lancashire name their squad:
The first line of the report suggests a failure in the numeracy department.
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Suspect we'll be put out of our misery in this competition by 9:45pm this evening.
Dave ..... your post made me smile............ that was a pleasant way of putting it.

Onwards and upwards!!!
As always with us in white ball cricket, the toss is crucial. We may know our fate much earlier than 9.45.

Of course, someone could give Belly a lucky coin.
Wow what a negative lot some people on here can be at times. We win back to back one day games, and no praise as soon as we lose wednesday on come the knockers. Glad some of you lot don't play in the same cricket team i play in, we all talk positive, and play to win even at the level i play at. I am i not wrong but we can still win all three compitions at the moment we should as supporters be talking positive about this. No team this decade has won more than us plus another i think four runner up spots. If we were consistantlly the bottom end of division two, or still no where near being able to qualify for the 1/4 finals of the two 1 day compititions most years then that would be reason to moan
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stingray, stingray
Preview here by my colleague Scott Hunt:
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Massive night really. Failure to qualify will be pretty shocking considering the position we had put ourselves into after the first few games.
Paul fondled my onion bags.
Good start 42/3 off 9. Can we keep them below 100?
LE - aka John
Shame about the last few overs but 125 is certainly gettable
LE - aka John
We're doing our usual best to not win the game...
Proud to be a Bear
It's painful listening...we need a big over, and very soon!
Are we actually trying to hit the ball? I don't see how it's not possible to get at least singles off most balls.
Proud to be a Bear
Painful following it on crickinfo. No boundaries since 5th over!!!!!
LE - aka John
Game over
Proud to be a Bear
Absolutely diabolical batting performance. Absolutely no excuses for that. How we couldn't even score at just over 6 an over I don't know.
Proud to be a Bear
Utter shambles. We don't deserve to progress in this competition - some serious questions to be asked of our team.
I think some players (potentially a lot!) need to move on....
15 overs without a boundary. A final score less than Chopra scored in the only innings he played. Unacceptable.
LE - aka John
As performances go thats pretty poor


by runs scored

by strike rate

When read together the two tables give a lot of useful information about our batting performances.

Bowling by Strike rate

Bowling by Economy rate

bowling by Wickets taken

Again when the three tables are studied it shows interesting information.

I'd suggest that losing Chris Woakes & Mark Adair part way through the group games had a very negative effect on our performances in the field.

Tonight was very disappointing, after 12 overs we were 63-4, so over halfway to the required total, but we only added another 30 runs from the remaining overs.

Perhaps it is time to totally revise the team for next season, as the some players are consistently failing to contribute with the bat.
While Robert may be bad, Robert is not all Mugabe's.
There are GOOD Mugabe's
It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!

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