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England v Sri Lanka 2016
According to George, we are now getting closer to my dream poetic England middle order of Stokes, Woakes and Foakes:
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Very interesting article. With Compton a dead man walking the idea of playing Bairstow as a batsman and picking a proper keeper appeals. I'd fancied Sam Billings as a likely candidate but he doesn't seem to get much first class cricket. I've yet to see Foakes keep but, weather permitting, I will rectify that on Tuesday at Guildford. Watch this space....
I'd have liked to have seen Foster or Davies given a go but that wont happen now. Bairstow is outstanding batsman and can easily occupy the 5 or 6 position in the order. Compton has to go but I'm yet to be convinced that Vince is a test batsman.

A wicket keeper must be able to bat in the modern era.... infact most of the team must be able to do so these days... Compton's time with England is sadly over.... However England arent in a bad position at all as a team... the spine is there.
Its not as important when you have allrounders like Mooen, Stokes and Woakes. You can afford to pick a specialist.

So, so happy for Chris Woakes getting wickets at Lords. After yesterday's drop, I was beginning to wonder whether he was cursed.

Shame be wasn't given the new ball or he might have got 5.

Hopefully his place will become more secure in the Test team.
Yes, his place looks secure - unlike Compton and Vince.
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Delighted for Woakes. I'd more or less written off his chances of a decent Test career after he was poor in S. Africa but this series is an object lesson in how to seize your chance. Admittedly conditions were much more up his street and he will still have to show he can winkle people out on flat tracks on hot days but he couldn't possibly have done any more. The management obviously like his character and now he can point to Test-level ability too. Well done.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
Re the modern-day keeper, Geoff Humpage was ahead of his time. Still my all-time favourite Bear.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.
I did get to see Ben Foakes yesterday and now I understand why he would be on the radar. Didn't put a glove wrong and chipped in with a 50 to secure the win. He's a tall man and I was starting to wonder how he would cope with crouching to the spinners when he pulled off a very sharp stumping. There's more than a hint of James Foster to his keeping, which is no surprise given where he started. I was impressed.

I would want to know why Surrey haven't made him first choice keeper before and I would still worry about him crouching to spinners for long sessions (like India in the winter) but he's certainly a better glove man than Bairstow or Buttler.

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