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England v Sri Lanka 2016
James Vince: interesting choice. I've seen quite a lot of him at the Rose Bowl. Very stylish and a strong white ball player. With the red ball, he used to be very prone to nicking off to slip but has worked on that and become a more solid player. Even so, I would have rated him as a good county player rather than Test Match material. Starting against the present Sri Lanka side will give him a chance to settle but I would expect a high quality attack to find him out. Hope I' m wrong - wouldn't be the first time.
4 Points up for grabs in this match as part of the super series!
They have started as well as us!
The only way is up.... ;-)
Seems Vince still nicks off to slip. Try again lad.
I can see that al the England batsmen played plenty of championship cricket in April and May to prepare themselves for a home test series?

Anyway - well done Bairstow - lets bowl them out for 50 and enforce the follow on and get this done by tomorrow lunchtime.
Except teams never enforce it these days
Not going to happen anyway.

(20-05-2016, 04:09 PM)Paul pid 92377 Wrote:Not going to happen anyway.

Follow on enforced......
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..... and sucessfully implemented. Game over in less than three days.
Yes must be the weakest SL side since the 70s

Perhaps.... or perhaps it was brilliant bowling or conditions they were werent used too? Certainly one of their poorer games since they started playing tests in the early 1980s. Saying that.... we've had our own test maulings against Australia, West Indies etc during the last four decades too :-o Nice to be handing them out...and im pleased that the follow on was ruthlessly and correctly enforced. Some of this lily livered liberal modernity of not enforcing it doesnt wash with me. When you see them on the ropes and the bowlers are fresh (and rain is around in this case) you put the oppo down.
Anyone think we should get rid of the May tests and only play five or six tests a year?
Two tours a year was introduced back in the day when it was realised that there were strong, emerging Test nations (like the West Indies) that would only be getting tours every six years or so. Of course we didn't then have all the paraphernalia of ODIs and T20s to fit into a tour so two sets of Test matches fitted in ok. Now it's all part of the continued efforts to squeeze quarts into pint pots. The Sri Lankans don't want to be here (they'd sooner be at the IPL); the spectators don't want to be out in the wet and the cold; the ECB know this so allocate the games to the frozen wastes to try and pretend that they were justified in expanding the number of Test grounds; nobody's happy.

Warley, I am now fully sold on your idea of ditching 50 over cricket. There is not room for three formats. Whilst I would prefer to scrap T20, I know that isn't going to happen. The empty Test grounds in May are just another symptom of the malaise that comes from trying to be all things to all men. And failing.
Theres not that many t20 international matches. Only world cups. There are too many ODI matches. Its hit and miss with opposition really. New Zealand were great last year. Sri lanka were good last time, but like I said this is a very very poor Sri Lanka side. they have lost world class players like Dilshan, Sangakara and Jayawadene. Credit to England but this series will be one to forget. Pakistan will offer a sterner test. They have some real pace and quality spin as well as more experience with the bat.

If they are playing fairly & trying to win, remember what happened last time they toured here.
While Robert may be bad, Robert is not all Mugabe's.
There are GOOD Mugabe's
It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
Chris Woakes added to the England squad, so he is leaving the current game against Durham after today's play:
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So who replaces Woakes in our squad then? Will Clarke now become available?
Need him to get some wickets today before he departs.

Who do we have to replace him if Rankin and Clarke are out injured?
Paul fondled my onion bags.
We could take a flyer on Aaron Thomason, although he hasn't exactly been setting the second XI alight this year. Would give us a surprisingly low average age, though.

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