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The Future of Test Cricket
In principle I would agree with a cricket ground with a retractable roof, but I would like to see the default position being the roof open,  closing it when bad weather hits.

Looking at the Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne, the roof can be closed in under 8 minutes so it isn't like much time would be lost closing the roof should the rain threaten.

The crucial question, inevitably, is who pays for it? I cant see how a fully enclosed, retractable roof could be added to any of the current Test grounds in England without considerable redevelopment (And therefore investment) and have we really got the capacity for another international standard ground?
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I agree - default position would be the roof open, as at Wimbledon.
We can't undo the past; but if you added together all the money spent developing too many grounds for international cricket and put it towards a purpose-built ground, you would have your stadium with a roof.
Meanwhile, maybe the MCC has the answer:
"Around £1bn could then be spent on building an all-purpose, 45,000-seat ground with a retractable roof, with £1bn left to distribute among the MCC's 18,000 members, who would each receive around £50,000."
I don't think it will happen; but you never know.
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By the time they'd paid all the lawyers and consultants that would get their snouts in the trough they would probably be lucky to afford an acre of Hackney marshes. And an umbrella.
The end of useless tossers? ECB supports plans to do away with the toss in Test Matches...

I particularly like the line "We are looking at ways of reducing home advantage In Tests" obviously the idea longer tours with more warm up games has passed them by!
Bears fan, Wolves fan, blood red Socialist, a not so vital statistician; what a collection...
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