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England in South Africa
Good warm up for England. Should be an interesting series.

Yes... I think we will learn a few things over the next few weeks.
With James Anderson possibly out injured, it looks like Chris Woakes might make the starting eleven.
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Thats good news

Yes... big match for him and Mo to show their real test credentials. Big series for England... intreaging....
No luck for Woaksey this morning - poor wicket-keeping cost him an early wicket.
LE - aka John
He's worse than Butler isn't he.

Can't be,he plays for the only county that play proper cricket,or so we're told!
Very poor crowd for the test match today - loads of empty spaces. Makes you understand why the powers that be set up so many one day games.
LE - aka John
Yes but its been a very interesting test match thus far.

Quite agree - the trouble is unless enough members of the public turn up to these games test matches will be pushed further back in allocation of time allowed.
LE - aka John
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Paul, Warleybear
Not sure about the latest test, but the attendance at the first test in Hobbart for the Australia v West Indies game was appalling.....

I see some suggestions bouncing around (not mine) include:

Maximum a team can bat is 150 overs. Then must declare.
After 1st innings completed by both sides - can use the 12th man as a complete sub if you wish. i.e. - he can bat and bowl in place of one of the starting 11.
Make the game 4 days. If alter 4 days its a draw then a T20 game is played to decide the winner.
The away team decides whether to bat or bowl first... or the team lower in the ICC rankings.

Here's a radical one........... Make the tickets affordable. £ 15 maximum for all tests that don't involve Australia or India playing England.
I do think those that be need to carry out an extensive survey carried out professionally to find out why people are not attending.
Is it simply cost or could it be people generally have lost interest in the long, original, format of the game or some other reason.
LE - aka John
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It would be nice for Chris to get some of the final 6 wickets tomorrow as Anderson will almost certainly replace him in the next test.

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The sense of occasion and affordability are important in equal measure. In England we have the former but often not the latter.... It's when both go missing there is a very real problem. Perhaps apart from us rump core of die hards, people are loosing interest? Perhaps some of the worlds best players are to extend their careers? Perhaps there is too much test cricket between unbalanced sides?

Woakes seems to be sadly struggling at Test level despite that nice little innings at the end. Let's hope he can take a few in the second innings....
4 day tests 105 overs per day all played Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday might be one part of the answer

Scheduling of tours is another part of the issue.

Spreading out the tours like the old days so Test Matches are something to build up to and not crammed into a month might also help with warm up matches between each test. I also think it would help if ODI's were interspersed like the old days too, rather than clumped together at the end of a series.

Over Xmas might not be the best time for test matches in S Africa and to a lesser extent Australia when many of the locals get away from the big cities for the holidays

It suits the English tourists but maybe not the locals (apart from those who remain for the Boxing Day Test - but that is just one day)

Sydney is always well attended by locals mind, be interesting to see how Cape Town compares - I've been hearing that will be all English fans
Not so mad - Brummie - those ideas make a lot of sense but can you actually see the players agreeing to 105 overs a day !
LE - aka John
Quality and cost of those overs...... not just quantity...

Sadly outside blue ribon series, test cricket is watched live at the ground by the very few in many countries these days.

Fortunately TV money supports Test Cricket.....
Anyway... A very significant win for England! Congratulations....
Yes I think Moeen has bowled superbly in this match.


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