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The Future of County Cricket
(20-07-2018, 05:35 PM)Terry Wrote: The players have spoken.  Will they be listened to?

Quote:.....Players firmly believe there should be no four-day cricket played during the new competition from 2020, therefore not compromising the competition which the players view as the most important......

Quote:.....PCA Chairman, Daryl Mitchell, said:

“It was great to see a large number of PCA playing members respond to this survey and this is a vital piece of research to understand members’ views to further influence the PCA’s stance on the domestic structure.

“I am pleased to see the results support views which we are always informally gathering through conversations around the county circuit.

“Test cricket is still seen as the pinnacle by players and domestic red ball cricket is clearly still held in the highest regard by current players and this is something, as players, we need to preserve.

“With the desire to create blocks for different formats over recent years, it has meant that the Championship has been slightly marginalised with a huge proportion of games being played in April and September.

“Players feel there is a need for more four-day cricket to be played in the middle of the summer for members and supporters to watch as well as to enable players to play in better conditions. This will therefore mean switching between formats is inevitable........”

Errm - so which is to be guys? There is a slight contradiction here. Assuming the 100 is aimed fairly and squarely at the midsummer "MomzNKidz" market there has to be some overlap.
Having been at last night's Northants game, I have to say, why make changes. Brilliant evening... Enjoyed with family and friends.
All sorts of options being floated here:
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