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The Future of County Cricket
I would like to see separate membership, however, I spoke to a member of the committee about this and he was adamant there would be no change
I would like to see separate membership, however ,I spoke to a member of the comittee about this and he was adamant there would be no changes
Shame I would take out T20 and CC..... I suspect the fear is that the club could have a schism between the two main formats; creating the scenario of my previous post. That of course may happen in time anyway......
I know from personal experience that both Hampshire and Somerset have separate membership rates for those that want to include T20 and those that don't. I had assumed that was the sensible thing for all counties to do but obviously not ....
(28-07-2016, 04:27 PM)Mad Brummie Wrote: They should get on and do it.

Play the whole thing in July so there is room for a test series in May/June and another in August.

Also so they can show 2 games per evening starting at 4pm on free to air so kids get hooked on cricket via the telly and 7pm on Sky

But they should also let the rest of us be able to watch proper cricket in July also.

This means a return to one division

Counties can then plan their squads without fear of relegation if they lose a couple of players to the T20 auction

Or perhaps have the whole 50 over tournament for the counties while the T20 circus is on

The county Friday night T20 can still take place, slightly reduced, on Fridays in May and June as kind of a prelude to the main T20 Circus and as a shop window for the players trying to make one of the Franchises
Warleybear won't like you calling it proper cricket!
(28-07-2016, 09:28 PM)narsty simon Wrote: I would  like  to see separate membership, however ,I  spoke  to a member  of  the  comittee  about  this and he was  adamant  there  would  be no changes

Mr Snowball has said once or twice already that wants to tackle the issue of "confusing membership packages".

I take that as code for wanting to separate out T20. Particularly as he is as mustard keen, if not more so, as his predecessor on the Birmingham Bears branding and franchise.

I suspect that, as in most things, what the committee want will not matter one jot.

I for one would certainly welcome the removal of T20 from my membership. Haven't enjoyed a single second of it at Edgbaston this year.
You should be able to buy three memberships..... CC, T20 and 50 over. If you only want to watch one format then you just pay for that..... if you want all three you pay for them - perhaps get a small discount. We are nearly there already. A T20 season ticket is around £ 70.00.

It will be interesting to see how the numbers pan out. As I say, initially I would go for T20 and CC and not 50 over.

Interesting thought from MB about Warwickshire playing 50 over cricket whilst T20 is being played. That indeed is a schism..... a total separation of the club in terms of format.
You could play 50 over games under the Warwickshire banner at the same time that the City Franchise stuff was going on.

I'm happy to watch Warwickshire masquerading as "Birmingham Bears" in the Blast but I won't be bothering with some composite team (which may only include two or three Warwickshire players) in the City Franchise competition. The latter is an abomination and I predict will not get anything like the audience that buffoon Graves thinks it will.
So perhaps we are heading to the situation where the club splits its membership groups and its team? A major reorganisation......

As I said earlier, that means you pay for what you like. The appropriate memberships and gate receipts fund the appropriate squad. The revenue from internationals funds the ground, pitches etc. You could Even go one stage further.... As I said earlier, you split the club into two and each pays the holding company "Edgbaston Plc" for using the ground on a annual fee plus daily use charge. The holding company / identity would use Edgbaston and Portland Road. Any surplace generated could then be spent on youth development etc.. Some players would only have a cc or t20 contract... Some both. When things clash, the player chooses which contract.

Basically each format commercially stands on its own two feet.... now that really is the nuclear schism option and not one that leaves me warm...... but we are probably heading towards a reorganization with two totally different clubs with each passing year.
If all clubs had 3 types of membership, CC, 50 over and T20 they would get a better idea of exactly what the public want. That way I feel we would end up with CC and T20 which would then make it a bit easier planning the fixtures with the added bonus of the teams playing each other in the leagues.
LE - aka John
Unfortunately golden boy Strauss wants 50 over cricket so it will stay,as has been pointed out on here, members don't count anymore,the ecb would get rid of 4day cricket immediately but for test matches,that's all they think it's good for,producing England players
Very true NS.

LE .... I haven't got a year book handy - there must be some counties that we haven't played in any format for a fair time? Cant remember the last time I saw us play Kent? - Someone is going to say a few weeks ago now ;-)
WB that's a problem with regional leagues. Is that really necessary for a game that lasts less than 3 hours given how small our island is.
LE - aka John
Good balanced piece from Vic Marks in the Observer

Agree with much of what he has to say.
Yes, as usual,he makes some shrewd observations.
At the heart of it is:
"Clearly, the strategists... are seduced by the success of the Indian Premier League and the Big Bash in Australia. They would love to be able to emulate that, in which case it would be handy to reproduce balmy Adelaide evenings in Leeds as well" - for Leeds, substitute Birmingham or any other UK venue.
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It goes round in circles year after year.... It's an argument that's becoming quite boring. Personally, if they are going to go for it, I would include Somerset..... They are quite an innovative county who are evocative with one day cricket. T20 actually suits the northern hemisphere.... It's less likely to abandoned due to weather.

With revenue in Test cricket likely to start to diminish (I still fear how many empty seats I will see at Edgbaston tomorrow), the major grounds need to focus on revenue quickly before something hits the fan. To be fair Surrey seem to have done that with getting through the turnstiles over 130,000 people this year..... so their thoughts are interesting.
I do believe there is an element of laziness when it comes to marketing the game. And I include Warwickshire when I say that. With the catchment area we should be getting the kind of attendances achieved by Surrey. But it has to be sold and marketed and advertised.

Regular Friday nights is a good idea. But if the game is to be comparable to the India/Australian model then UK weather dictates moving the game to Sunday afternoon.
LE - aka John
A look at all the empty seats at Edgbaston this morning is a tad concerning unless you are an ostrich.The game will be in commercial trouble soon if that continues (I think Ticket prices need subsidising ASAP - £ 20 is more than enough to save test cricket) - so they need to generate money to pay for all these 'investments' over the last decade..... some of them necessary and some of them not. If Surrey can get those sort of numbers, then they are doing something right - and being in London isn't the whole answer. I drive past Edgbaston these days and there is no indication of the next match - the old next fixture board gone and no sign of digital signage with next match, state of play, ticket prices etc. Nobody but the faithful or those on some email distribution list knows what is going on. There needs to be some umph and quick..... T20 and CC is the way forward - keep it simple....... product, price, and promotion. IMHO - in the modern era none of those are correct yet.
Would you have expected a full ground for the first day of a test on a Wednesday 10/20/30 years ago though? Friday is almost sold out.
Proud to be a Bear
Then make the tickets cheaper..... the first day is a Wednesday and the ECB should subsidise that. The ECB have a responsibility to act.... Edgbaston is a ground famous for its crowds and atmosphere. It happened before - several years ago against SA - so we all know the problems. Yes Friday is a sell out..... But to be honest, whatever the club may say, ticket sales aren't clever for Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday at the moment. A visit to the Edbaston web site shows that.

The ECB needs to do more to get people into the ground. If I could get a ticket for £ 10 after 2pm, I'd go this afternoon...... but they wont..... they will allow loads of empty plastic seats to flap in the wind. Not good for Test cricket ..... Someone needs to take a grip.

In fact I might go this afternoon and ask if they will sell me a ticket to watch the last four hours for £ 10. The whole thing makes me angry - Test cricket is important..... crowds add to the vibrancy and occasion!!!

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