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England v New Zealand
But this time he didn't have good figures when he came onto bowl in the 47th over. i think the sky commentators and media go over the top because he's a leg spinner, but theres not many leg spinners playing international cricket. Imran Tahir is prob the best in the wor;d and even he has proved a liability for South Africa at times.

Just amazing .... T20 has really sexed up cricket.... 3000 runs in an ODI series. The youngsters have finally been allowed to express themselves with fresh thinking! Perhaps T20 will have saved 50 over cricket too! A very enjoyable series after years of tosh from England!
I think a lot depends on the wickets. New Zealands innings today was more old school

Yep... nearly 300 off 50 was very lack lustre ;-)

28 overs lost but only around 90 off the total? Is dl fit for the modern game?
Oh yes its a very fair target. You need to take into consideration that England have all 10 wickets yet only half the number of overs. Anyway 192 should be very gettable. Equivalent of 150/160 off 20. Which is nothing these days.

I might be wrong but Roy looks rubbish. I think Moeen Ali was far far better as opener.

Have we learnt nothing. This is totally dumb cricket.

Well played Johnny Bairstow

(20-06-2015, 06:02 PM)Paul Wrote: Have we learnt nothing. This is totally dumb cricket.

I thought it was ok in the end ;-)
Yes thanks to one man. Billings played his part too.


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