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County Championship 2015
If there's anyone who needs time in the middle it's Bell!
Proud to be a Bear
Agreed, Lilly.
Maybe Moeen will bowl some of his patented long-hops, as plentifully offered in Barbados.
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With the weather conditions it will be more the seamers so guess just batting practice for Moeen. In any case they have Senanayake so how much bowling is Moeen likely to do.
Leicestershire what took you so long?
With the CEO being Wasim Khan they are on their way up.
LE - aka John
Im a firm believer that they should amalgamate with Derbys and Northants... as should Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. I would have a look at the structure of the first class game... perhaps remove some and bring in some new... Devon and Cornwall. ... Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs that would extend the ggeographic spread of the game in this country. Some second division counties add very little to the game in this country... apart from a bit of history.
If you amalgamate counties you actually reduce the reach of the product, when we should be trying to take the game to more people.

The main problem is that some at the ecb and sponsors want even more 20 over slog cricket, and are doing nothing to promote the longer, and better, forms of the game.

There has never, in any sport, been a successful professional league that has contracted. We need tobe giving people more chances to see our game, not less.
While Robert may be bad, Robert is not all Mugabe's.
There are GOOD Mugabe's
It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
I see Morgan is complaining they play too much cricket with Middlesex only having 2 days off over the next couple of weeks. Someone needs to tell him that's how most people live their lives. And if there is too much travelling and playing why did he go off to India instead of playing a game in his own country?
LE - aka John
I can see his point though.
I am refering to the first class game and not T20. My plan expands the game and does not make it smallers. It builds on exsisting strengths by amalgamations and extends the game Iinto areas like East Anglia that have disgracefully been distanced from the sport by history. Counties that loose every week are a waste of space. A combined county that is close together with good transport links would be stronger and better supported. . Leics, derbys and Northants fit that bill as do worcs and glouces. some areas of the country need to have first class cricket... like Durham. It was difficult at first... but they contribute to the structure.

As for too much cricket... Ive just p1 $$€ d my pants with laughter. The season is fairly short, squads fairly large, T20 lasts three hours.. and rain occasionaly does stop play.
That's an insult to the Pears, currently a div.1 side with as many bowling points&more batting points than warwickshire
They are a yo yo club... one swallow does not make a summer. indeed a Worcs and Gloucs combined side would be a high quality side that strengthens the four day game. Gloucs dont seem to be doing much these dsys... Change is difficult. and sone times upsetting. ... but a system based on what side of some boundary drawm up in the 10 th century does not help the game. Amalgamations and new counties (combined) would strengthen and expand the game in a controlled way.. Complacency could be a terrible thing for the game....
So much of what is pleasurable about first class cricket is historical accident. With a blank sheet of paper, you would not design a system around a scattered selection of ancient counties that's for sure. But then nobody would invent a game that took four days to play either. If you were logical about it, you would regroup the teams around city franchises but I think that would lose a lot of the charm. No more Arundel. No more Chesterfield.
My concern is that some areas of the country are over represented by first class counties that are at besy yo yo clubs and at worse going no where, whilst some areas of the country have nothing. There needs to be a review... teams like leics, derbys and northants need rationlising.... they are close, have good transport links and would be stronger. Change has to happen.. winning the odd game every few years isnt acceptable and doesnt widen the games appeal around England.

The ECB would then invest money into supporting the recently amalgamated and new combined counties... A combined, for example, Cornwall / Devon and Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire would be excellent... enfranchising the countries population with the First class game. Durham struggled for 15 years... but look what has been achieved in the North East.
An alternative suggestion would be to encourage Glamorgan to leave the first class structure and re-invent themselves as a Wales National side and compete with Ireland, Scotland, Denmark and Holland in a European 3-day competition eventually leading to Test status.  Glamorgan/Cardiff Dragons would remain involved in domestic T20 perhaps.

Then simply lose one first class county to Minor status - at the moment that would have to be Leicestershire - and you wind up with a 16 team first class structure that can be neatly arranged into 2 divisions of 8.

Then, as I have banged on about before, synchronise the fixtures like they used to in the early to mid 1990's

Contract the season slightly and play one 4 day match + one 40 over match per week (played mostly on Sunday's) at the same venue.

In mid season switch to one 3 day match + two T20 matches per week.

Then create an effective Division Three - Leics, Devon, Norfolk, Staffs, Cheshire, Herts, North Yorks, Dorset - who would play each other once in a 3-day-match per season = 7 games so still accessible to the part timers, and not stretching the funding model by too much in the current Minor Counties set up
(06-06-2015, 12:56 PM)narsty simon Wrote: That's an insult to the Pears, currently a div.1 side with as many bowling points&more batting points than warwickshire

I 100% agree. Worcester are a very valid county and they have expanded their ground, they have got a lot of young players and they have competed well this season in the county championship. Are they solvent? 

I'm totally against the thinning down of the counties and amalgamations. Bob Woolmer once replied on the old forum when i suggested regionalisation was  a nonsense that the talent is too thinly spread. It should not be just about whats good for the England team though. I think we need to protect our county structure and subsidise the smaller counties. 
My concept extends the first class system and tweaks it in others areas.. Within 40 miles of Leicester you have 4 first counties... three of them are perpetual under achievers. We need to shake the county system up... it doesnt reach out to many areas of the country and in many cases doesnt benefit the England set up. Why should the North East have gone a century without first class cricket when three others contribute little and are 30 minutes apart on the Motorway. Look at what Durham have contributed to the England set up in the last decade. Why should, for example, a city like Norwich (population around a third of a million) be deprived of first class cricket to allow the under achievers to trundle on.  Tallent and intetest in these areas lost. Worcestershire may be a nice club... but Gloucs is only 20 minutes away... a combined side would be stronger (what are Gloucs doing at the moment?) and their shared resources more efficient.

The county system needs protecting... but to do that it needs tweaking and modernising to benefit all the cricket loving people of this country and the England set up.
Great post Paul, utter nonsense Warley I for one am looking forward to going to Worcester next week
You may be looking forward to going, but that doesnt answer the question as to whether the current county system is fit for purpose. Tweaking it now is better than ending up with some franchise system . A combined Gloucs / Worcs side may be no bad thing... Gloucs are a perpetual second division team and Worcs are a to yo team...and I think questions do have to be asked about Leics, Derbys and Northants. I think it is fair to ask these questions....
You must be driving faster than Lewis Hamiliton if you can do 63 miles in 20 minutes  Biggrin

Worcester to Bristol is 62.9 miles... 

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