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2015 LV CC Division One - Other Teams/Matches
Early days, but...

The Pears are competing nicely with Yorkshire.  I assume Moeen is proving his fitness, or wouldn't he be playing the West Indies.

Sussex battering Hampshire.

Nottinghamshire have the edge over Middlesex.

Durham have the advantage over Somerset.
(13-04-2015, 04:05 PM)philly Wrote: The Pears are competing nicely with Yorkshire.

Hm. Not in the second innings.
Durham looked good against Somerset yesterday and have won easily today.  Somerset's bowling looks a bit light - wholehearted though he is, I'm not sure that Tim Groenewald will set Division One on fire.  By contrast, Chris Rushworth and Graham Onions looked as though they were bowling on a different, far more lively pitch.
Of the two captains, Paul Collingwood had a great game (a hundred plus six wickets) and Trescothick a miserable one.
From the interview he gave after close of play, Colly is very much enjoying his cricket.
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(14-04-2015, 05:58 PM)philly Wrote:
(13-04-2015, 04:05 PM)philly Wrote: The Pears are competing nicely with Yorkshire.

Hm. Not in the second innings.

Quite true and they loose Moeen after this game.
Worcs will be relegated... only question is when? By June?

Only other question regarding relegation.... Will Hants join them?
These ideas would appear to be pie in the sky anyway. I think.we'd all wish for cricket to grow rather than shrink but from what I'm hearing the ECB has major rationalisation planned and soon. There are several big controversial meetings coming up convened by the same guy who was responsible for the decision to remove minor counties from the Nat West Cup way back. The worry is the ECB will go for a funding model that supports just 12 super counties and any remaining funds go straight to club cricket so thereby removing 4 first class counties and ending the Minor Counties structure as we know it, following the Australian model there would still be some countryside cricket to tap the fringes
That's been my fear... which is why I proposed a model that tweaked some counties into stronger units and bought some fresh blood in.

Sadly I fear the hammer will fall ... but my conscience is clear...... to do nothing brings about the inevitable. Change will come....

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