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Ian Bell
Today's knock must put him in pole position for an opener's spot in the World Cup.
"Look at the results. Look at the table. Everything else is just opinion"
Its looks that way Kevin. He will certainly play in the odi series against Australia. I like the Bell, Mooen combination a lot. In the short few matches they have opened they have put on partnerships nearly every time and they come fast.
Great to see Belly answering the ridiculous criticism he has been getting as everyone has wanted Hales in.

Do they not realise that teams had worked Hales out and his performance in ODI's of late were pretty abysmal? Bell is the safer pair of hands but people forget that he is an exciting player also, not in the mold of a Cook or Trott, he can certainly take the game to the opposition.

He will anchor to begin with as Moeen will be the aggressor, but he certainly has it in his locker.
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