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for all you music lovers part 2
Your musical tastes are expanding Pete. Whats next Val Doonigan :thumbup:
i must admit i did used to like Val Doonigan, favorite song Paddy Mcginty's goat.
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
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Leicester Exile
I love this. And hes 73!
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Yes I remember getting roped into watching mott the hoople at the Birmingham town hall when i was a student, a long tme ago. It was the punk days, they wern't cool then. :thumbup: Not bad for 73.

Just got the new muse album - the 2nd law. Haven't listened yet, but heard some trackes on later with Jules. The xx have a new album which is even more low key than the last one but I like minimilism in music these days.

i also have the Muse new album the jury is out at the moment.
i think it will grow on me.
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear