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Jeetan Patel
...but he's been excused from the New Zealand training camp so that he can play for us against Somerset, which is excellent news given how the Taunton pitch has been lately.
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Indeed. Somerset have taken comfortable first innings leads in each of their games this year but gone on to lose heavily. They'll be getting worried and could go for anything but I suspect we'll get a Bunsen.
Jeetan and ex-Bear Luke Ronchi retire from international cricket on the same day:
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(22-06-2017, 11:13 PM)Terry Wrote: Jeetan and ex-Bear Luke Ronchi retire from international cricket on the same day:

Jeets - the new Captain when Ash 'relieves' Bell this week ?!  He's obviously going to be around Edgbaston full time for the next couple of seasons.
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A dignified international retirement for Jeetan Patel. Good man.

So Jeets can play for us as a Kolpak next year and I assume Boyd Rankin won't be classified as "overseas" now Ireland has Test status - at least not before Brexit anyway. So that's a bit of extra wiggle room in the recruitment department for next year. Batsman or seam bowler?
Boyd Rankin, & Mark Adair, are both from Northern Ireland so are British citizens, with the full right to live & work in the UK.
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It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
As always, Brian Halford does a good job at interviewing - this time, with Jeetan:
I like the idea that Jeetan believes (understandably) that he needs a good rest from cricket, so won't be in action until mid-October.  A whole couple of weeks off!
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....and while we are on the subject of Jeetan, he's only the second best Patel in the overall MVP rankings -  but still better than everyone else:
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... and missed a chunk of the season because of the Champions Trophy. I think we can call him a "legend".
Jeetan warms up for the new English season with 70 overs and ten wickets in the match for Wellington:
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Noticed he had a bit of a lean patch before this game, but of course that might of been down to the type of wickets they have been playing on. Wellington top of the table 3 matches to go. He had a good solid season in the T20, but did not play in the 50 over comp.
Good luck to Jeetan and his Wellington team over the next 4 days as they attempt to win the league.
Wellington lost so finished 2nd in the league, but Jeetan picked up another 6 wickets in the match, and 26 wickets in total in his last 4 matches so will be joining us in great form.

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