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Jeetan Patel
I find this a worrying report
Let's hope that Dougie and Graeme Welch sort him out pretty quickly. The only positive spin on it is that he's more likely to be with us than with New Zealand.
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Doesn't really affect us. He's been a model professional with us so one night out on the booze is nothing to get concerned about.

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I was referring to the fact he is struggling following the loss of his mother, and is in need of support.

Brian Halford has tweeted a link to the NZ Herald report, which gives more information. The entire situation is very sad for Jeetan and his family.
oh didn't know about that, sad

Possible call up to NZ's squad with Martin injured? Would go along with our season so far.
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Looks like Daniel Vettori has been called up. Phew! We do not need any more players to go off and play elsewhere.
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Jane, Thefacebookbear
Daniel Vettori has now been ruled out! Will this mean a call-up for Jeets?
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Vettori has failed a fitness test. Might they still call up Jeetan?
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Great minds, Terry! Sadly I fear that this may be the case.
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They wont. They are going in with Williamson as the spinner; his action is worth watching closely.
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You are spot on Kim .I've thought the same myself.There a lot of spinners now that from side on look as though they chuck it.How a bent arm can be legal is beyond me.

It's a bit like the anchored putter row that is currently going on in the USPGA. :001_smile:


brilliant article by George which explains the laws. You are allowed to bowl with a bent arm, Its the degree that it straightens from the bend that is important.
That really is a very good explanation. I've been somewhat sceptical of the "15 degree" rule but am now impressed with the extent of analysis that goes into assessing a bowling action. Fair dos.

Geoff Cope, where are you now? (Don't mention Tony Lock - he chucked. Allegedly.)
I agree it's a good explanation but I remain sceptical about the ICC 15 degree rule. The scientists claim that anything less than 15 degrees is not visible to the naked eye. Either that is nonsense, because there are several bowlers who are allowed to get away with some obvious straightening of the elbow or, alternatively, because we can see it, they must be straightening by more than 15 degrees and should be no-balled.
It seems fishy to me that none of us mere mortals have been allowed to see any of the scientific evidence which is supposedly so convincing.
As for Tony Lock, to be fair to him, he was so shocked by a film of his action that he totally remodelled it.
Seeing our own Ateeq Javid bowling his harmless little off-breaks last night almost made me long for the return of Maurice Holmes.
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Terry,I think we should unite in an old farts thread about how to get the game back to to where it was 40 years ago :thumbup:

I'm with you! Where would Freddie Trueman have been if he couldn't drag his back foot??????
The problems with a bent arm are that rules have changed and I wonder how many bowlers of the past would be 'alright' now because of the rule change a few years ago. As far as I am concerned, the change was due to the Sri Lankans complaining about the 'harsh' treatment of Murali . The authorities bent over backwards to accomodate him and he has in my opinion 'got away with murder' as I think he is a chucker and so are other Sri Lankans including Malinga who seems to get away with it because they just refer to his 'slingy' action. Record Malinga and slow it down whilst replaying it and it looks awful. In a country like Sri Lanka, the coaching for certain youngsters probably is not that good so certain bowlers escape through the net and it's only when it get to first-class level that people start to notice.
If you call into question malinga's action then other slingy like jeff Thompson from the past.

Don't agree about murali and many people including flower called into question ajmal's action, why? Because he kept bowling England out! Take away the doosra and you make cricket more boring. We need more mystery spinners in the game.

I will bow to to paulbear's superior knowledge re Mailnga although his arm always appeared straight to me.Thomson's always was.Murali was always a chucker in my eyes & it's a great pity that he overtook Warne as the leading Test wicket taker.
I'm all for mystery spinners as long as the the mystery isn't all about their action :001_smile:

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