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Player of the season?
It's that time of year again folks.Jane came around the Heath Suite today handing out voting slips for the player of the year.

It's a tough call this year with probably four candidates.

So fire away with your thoughts :001_smile:
Its very much a team effort this year, so my vote will go to Jim Troughton

Can we have a poll on this thread? Not sure who I'd go for at the minute!
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i know i am a rikki clarke fan and i dont have to say where my vote is going, as paul said its a team effort this season, but i think if it wasn't for injury Rikki would have been up there in the bowling figures as well as his batting.
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Season ain't over yet. As has been said, there are several good candidates so my vote will go to the one of them that gets us over the line in first place.
Most improved player would be Westwood for me, as for player of the season, it is a really tough call, as has been said a number of times already in this thread, it has been a real team effort and as such it's difficult to narrow it down.

I would probably go for Rikki, you can't underestimate the importance of some of his early season knocks, the one game where he and Maddy rebuilt the innings when we looked on a hiding to nothing was crucial. Had he not been playing with an injury his bowling figures would match those with the bat which, for an all rounder, would make phenomenal reading.
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Blimey. Tough one.

At this stage Id give it to Chris Wright but would feel guilty about Westy, Barker, Jeets, Rikki, Jim and Tim. So ill hold fire on a vote.
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Chris Wright. End of. Next.
Wright has been exceptional and has the most wickets but Rikki has been brilliant and consistant with the bat and has taken vital, cheap wickets whenever his injury has allowed and JT has given him the chance.

Since the restart of the CC you couldn't not mention JT and Westwood as they've been consistant and really turned their own fortunes around after difficult starts.

Unless something amazing happens in the next two games Rikki would get my vote.
I love and need all my Bears the same way I need all my toes and fingers - even tho some may be more noticeable than others!

But if i'm being honest I think Ian Westwood gets my vote. The guy gets panned when he fails but from the 2nd innings in the first game v Somerset up until the 1st innings this week v Notts he has done very well indeed!

My 2nd choice would be Captain Jim or Chris Wright!

Wright has bowled well and stuck around with the bat - especially in this game!

Jim has gone from failure to failure and turned it round big time!

In fact I am a bit stuck between Jim and Ian for best player but will go for Ian as he is an opener!
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It's so good to have so many worthy players to choose from!

In addition to Rikki, Wright, Westwood and Jim, Woakes and Jeets have also been amazing but maybe haven't had the pitch time to be voted and Chops has been exactly what is needed from a CC opener. Barker has improved with the ball and looks like a England player in the making. Tiny Tim scoring freely and baack to his best - That's 9 players!
Opening up against the new ball in difficult conditions (this summer), got to be the little master run machine Westy for my money.
Interesting to look at the PCA MVP rankings - plenty of Warwickshire players up there in the top 20 with Chris Wright, Rikki Clarke and Keith Barker neck and neck:
Views on here are my own; but you can keep up-to-date with County Cricket at
Rikki would prob have been player of the season if he had bowled more!

Barker has disappointed a little with the bat this season compared to last.

It's still Wright or Westy for me!

Chris Wright has lived a 'Roy of the Rovers' charmed life since moving from Essex. From second team cricket to CC winners medal and a Lord's final in a little over 12 months!

We seem to have a great team management / coaching staff at the moment.

Chopra signed and given a chance = success and now national recognition!

Rankin and Rikki brought on as bowlers last year. Wright a fantastic signing. Jeetan Patel a truly loyal OS player.

Blackwell on loan - why Durham have not kept him in the 1st team and backed him to prove his worth is beyond me!

Westy and even more so Troughton kept in the team despite poor form and coming good - leadership and good judgment from Giles rather than knee jerk reactions to make changes!

Evans looks a weak signing at the mo but given our good record at bringing players in I would not want to bet against him having a great 2013.

Ashley Giles has only one fault - recommending too many Bears players for England!
We met with Povey but we did not eat the biscuits.

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