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Radio Commentary on your Phone/Tablet/etc
I thought it would be useful to try to put together a brief guide to the programs/Apps that can be used for listening to the live commentary, and indeed any other radio output on phones etc. I anyone is able to add anything to this please do.

To find the 'live stream' that is been used for a game the easiest way is to go to the BBSport website and find the cricket commentaries page which has links to all the games been covered live.
If you then click the link for the game you are interested in, eg warwicks @ yorks you will be at the page for listening on your computer
On that page you will see the line 'Windows Media version of this stream' if you hover your cursor over that text a text 'bubble' will appear showing the linked address, the last bit of the text "int9.asx" is the live stream been used for the game.

When you know which stream is been used you can search for that in the radio app, then select that stream and listen to the game.

Apple iPhone/iPad can be considered together, as the use the same operating system.
Probably the simplest, and easiest to use radio app is 'TuneIn radio'. This is available in a free or 'Pro' version, costing under £1. TuneIn radio is a well designed app that allows you to listen to audio streams from radio stations around the world, the user interface is very clear, with separate ipad & iphone versions. There is even a car mode for the iphone version.

Once you have selected the stream you want to listen to, there are on screen buttons to stop & start the stream playing, you can also record the stream to listen later if you wish.

There is also a version of TuneIn radio for Android devices.

As an alternative, and this is web based so will also work on any phone with a web browser and even old PDA's with wifi, there is a web based service called 'yourmuze', where you first need to create an account at You then create a list of your favorite live streams, either by adding a new link or selecting from the many thousands already listed.
(If wanted I can supply the list I have used)

When you have set up your list on the home computer, you then open the yourmuze site in your phones web browser
You then select the stream you wish to listen to.
This method works on many phones, and of course means you can listen to your choice of streams on any device.

Hope this helps, if there are any questions please ask them here or by PM and I'll try to assist.

Just to add, that for those of you who want to listen to cricket during the winter, all of the South Africa games are on Radio2000 and the Australian games are on ABC Grandstand. If anyone knows of a link for West Indies or New Zealand games please post it here.
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Thanks Mugabe, I have made it a sticky.

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Thanks once you find the live event number its simplessss, just finding event number is less so I had to check 5 live streams til I found ours, but got it in the end.
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(28-08-2012, 10:17 AM)Jane Wrote: Thanks once you find the live event number its simplessss, just finding event number is less so I had to check 5 live streams til I found ours, but got it in the end.

Hi Jane - as Mugabe says above it's actually quite easy to find the live stream.

If you look at the attachment I've gone to the page for today's commentary and hovered over the "Windows Media Version of this stream link"

In the bottom left hand corner of the browser this shows a file name. The suffix of this "int18.asx" gives you the live stream number - 18.

One thing I would add is that "TuneInRadio" whilst a brilliant app is not very intuitive. So when you're looking for the live streams you should search the app on "live event". This will bring up all of the BBc live streams.

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why cant any one sort it out for black berry
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
Which model blackberry & which network?

I used to have a Storm which streamed audio using yormuze perfectly on Vodafone, but wouldn't on O2.

Have you tried yormuze ?

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