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A Bad Day for African Wicketkeepers
On a day when probably the best ever African Keeper, Mark Boucher has a potentially career ending, and life changing injury, the Zimbabwean Keeper Tatenda Taibu has decided to retire from cricket and enter the church
Boucher has announced his premature retirement from international cricket due to the eye injury. He had hoped to play his 150th game on this tour before retiring. A real sad ending to a distinquished career.
LE - aka John
He was a real leader in that side for many years, as well as been one of the best ever in his position.

It is a very sad day for Mark, his team and all that know him. Hopefully he will be able to make as full a recovery as possible.

The picture of the incident, by one of the Getty Images team, is remarkable, look closely.
I agree it's a sad day.
He must be quite high in the list of South African wicket keepers, though there's a few others who had great reputations in their day - Dave Richardson, John Waite, Denis Lindsay, Percy Sherwell and Jock Cameron. Cameron was rated the best in the world and had an even sadder end to his career when he died just after returning from a tour of England, aged just 30 in 1935.
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I think I'm right in saying that since re-admission in 1992 SA have had 2 regular wicketkeepers - Dave Richardson followed by Mark Boucher.

Boucher was left out briefly around the time of England's 2004-5 tour to satisfy some ridiculous quota policy but apart from that it's been a remarkable run - 2 keepers in 20 years.

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