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Once again George Dobell articulates it all better than anyone

Quote:Colin Povey, Warwickshire’s chief executive, returns from holiday on Monday morning. He may think he had more pressing tasks than the scoreboards but he does not.

Man has learnt how to travel to the moon, pause live television, clone babies and genetically modify food; it really shouldn’t be beyond us to update some numbers on a board. The state of affairs is a persistent disgrace to a great club and if the management cannot resolve it they need to make way for those who can. More excuses are not an option.

To add fuel to the fire I contacted the club 2 months ago to highlight the logistical problems that were likely to come about as a result of the Ashes tickets going on sale to members during the SA test match. To date I have received no reply or acknowledgement and no details have yet appeared on the website regarding pricing and policy. Are we to assume that members in the ground on August 1st will be camped on their mobiles trying to get through to a pressurised club office or will we be forced to endure hours of queuing with raffle tickets in the conference suite? It beggars belief it really does. I was wondering whether it would be worth asking those of you who are in contact with Brian Holford and George Dobell if they could raise this as my attempts to do so have been resolutely ignored.

I await test match week with a mixture of schandenfreude and mounting horror.
If history is anything to go by, option one will be excuses. After all, the club blamed human error for the scoreboard earlier in the season. Then we will get an official club statement full of long words, expressions of anger at the situation, as if its nothing to do with them, and promises that wont be kept.

But it will end up as Dennis Amiss' fault.

By the way, thanks to Jane for making me carry a fluffy ladies handbag shaped like a small dog on a pink lead into section 19 yesterday. I really enjoyed that.
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Bringing out drinks, taking a collection bucket around, and now the fluffy ladies handbag - whats not on the agenda for you Kim!!
Paul Wrote:Bringing out drinks, taking a collection bucket around, and now the fluffy ladies handbag - whats not on the agenda for you Kim!!

Jane has a huge amount to answer for.

It got worse, Paul. I ordered a taxi after the game which I had to get or not get home till about 2 am. As I waited, 4 people wandered in front of me and started hanging around. As "my" taxi came round the corner, one of them hailed it! I was furious.

"Excuse me, what the hell do you think you are doing!" doesnt quite sum it up, but is pretty close. This was enough to intimidate them and they stepped aside so I could get "my" taxi.

Only it wasnt mine but one they'd ordered :blushing: Blush
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At least you didn't say: "Do you know who I am?" which is the ultimate resort of the "Pretentious? Moi?" brigade.
There is upset on the OS too........
Having looked at the "other side", I think Alf may be the answer.
Alf IN!

Otis IN!
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In Barbados, before they tore down the old stadium they used to have a massive scoreboard. It gave all the information you needed, both teams, their innings details and bowling analysis. Very labour intensive (lots of people running up and down ladders with pieces of wood). But it worked very efficently, which is more than most of the scoreboards in this Country can manage.
"Kevin and myself would get on much better if Kevin kept hs mouth shut." - Graeme Smith on Kevin Pietersen (June 2008)
OtisBear gets a response to his scoreboard rant - scroll to bottom

Quote:...'after Sunday we have come to the conclusion that we shall have to identify another alternative. This is now in hand'

I suspect for the test match we'll see the scores being broadcast on the little scoreboard in front of the Dollery with the nPower girls positioned in front of the Hollies holding up handwritten scores on the back of the 4 and 6 cards.
"as well as problems with training a new operator."

Last time there was a problem it was human error with the old operator. Now its the new operator.

So whoever hires operators OUT!

Looks like the answer is an operator's training manual then. You cant beat a good manual.

After two seasons of this we have either had a series of astonishingly inept scoreboard operators - or human errors arent the issue. I know what I think.
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I know what I think too Kim...
The trouble is though Kim, to train someone, first you need to have someone who knows what they are doing to begin with. Evidently we don't, or we would not have had problems to start with.

I suspect that the training is being done on the cheap by word of mouth, therefore any mis-understandings and confusion is likely to multiply.

Does this mean yet another job for Phil to do?
"Kevin and myself would get on much better if Kevin kept hs mouth shut." - Graeme Smith on Kevin Pietersen (June 2008)
This picture is on the front page of the Scoreboard training manual
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That looks tastey.

Sack who ever operates it, who ever signed it off and who ever planned it. Planning is always a debacle / fiasco with the Bears.

The eyes of the world watch next week....................
"Povey, who is under some pressure to bring the much-anticipated ground redevelopment to fruition, conducted another thorough review of the incident in the Kent debacle and came to the same conclusion as last time: human error was to blame.

The ‘human’ involved has now been removed from the equation and Povey declares himself confident that there will be no serious issues during the Test.

“It’s not a new board,” he said. “And with proven personnel operating it, it’s not an issue."

Thats all right then.

Apart from why the hell do we not have proven personnel operating it all the time????
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This has been going on for two years and they haven't yet found anybody who can operate it. This doesn't really inspire me with much confidence in them.
Ive heard Bill Gates is operating it for this test.

Ill grow a full head of hair if this is a personnel issue.
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Blame it on the technology [Image: throw.gif]

The guilty need to be named and shamed - perhaps publicly on the Saturday of the Test ? [Image: bottom.gif]
well england poor today - but the really importnat question


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