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Congrats to Chris on his selection in the ODI and T20 squads.

3 Bears in the senior set-up now.
yes must agree davec well done to chris
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
Couldnt happen to a nicer bloke who I reckon will be the new Flintoff - except with actual results.

When Colly packs it in, Prior to 6 and Woakes IN!
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Great news for him!
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

Well done !!!!!!!

As a county we certainly provide our fair share of key players for Engalnd and yet still manage to win 4 trophies (including a Championship) in seven seasons.
Thats fantastic. Fantastic for Great Barr and I wish him all the best. Comparisions to Freddy are a bit premature but I think he could be the player to fill the Botham and Freddy role. I think he's best in the longer format of the game at the moment but no doubt has great potential in the shorter game as well. Anyway delighted for him.
Delighted too, I do agree he has been better in the longer form of the game. His confidence is sky high so if he gets a chance he wont let us down.
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He also gets to go to the West Indies:
All the best to Chris!!!! A well deserved call up.

Warwickshire Bears - County Champions 2012:thumbup:

Leicester Tigers - THE team:thumbup:
he is stuck in an airport somewhere trying to get home. The performance squad come back today.
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A few days ago we had taxi to Gatwick.

The driver was collecting Woaksy the next day.

Said Woaksy was gonna be 8 hours late!!

(PS connection is Loughborough taxis do lots of work for ECB)

Starts for England tonight v the PM's XI. Really hope he does well!
Three Bears in the England XI for that game......................
Not liking him being used for ODI's tbh but then I suppose it's the only way he can get in as you've got a lot of good pacers for tests already.
Supporter of 2012 County Relegation candidates

Yes it will be a useful experience for him. I think he has a future in the one day game for England but his really is better at the longer format at this stage.

England have a problem with selection. Bell is in magnificent form so cant be left out. I guess Morgan, Pieterson and Collingwood are nailed on certainties so it would appear to be a choice between Trott and Strauss.
Have horrible feeling Trott will miss out.

Think its a mistake not including Prior as well.
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Chris Woakes obviously had a tough baptism. Mind you, I wonder how you would feel if you were the boss of the IPL team that has just paid US$900,000 for Daniel Christian and you saw him taken for ten-an-over.
You're not a fan of Davies are you Kim? TBF Prior has played 55 odis and scored only two 50s. Also his list a average is 27.
Davies averages 37 in list a cricket so I think there is a strong case for Davies to be included... No question about Prior's credentials as a test player though. He's excellent.
No Im not. I think hes an appalling keeper and that can make a huge difference in one day games. I think Prior has suffered from being moved up and down the order and the obsesssion which Ive never understood with the keeper opening. I also think his energy and encouragement in the ashes was a big factor while Davies is a mouse. Id have bell and Strauss opening with Prior coming in later on.

Villa reserves have just beaten Arsenal 10-1. WOW
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Yes I just read, Gary Gardners first game in nearly a year. quite a prospect.

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