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The Ashes!
With the start of The Ashes just over 24 hours away now,I thought it might be an idea to start a thread in which we could all post our thoughts & predictions on such things as team selection,incidents,quotes & press/internet releases that not all of us may have seen.
The popularity or otherwise of this will obviously be shown in the number of posts.
I will start the ball rolling with a prediction of 2-1 to England :thumbup:
I think its really tough to call. We look the better team in most ways but it really is ages since we beat anyone decent away - its only last winter that two last wicket stands prevented a tonking by SA - and we were a bit lucky to win the ashes last time. Our batting remains dodgy and prone to collapse as well. Aussies are aussies so Ill go for them to win narrowly - but I think Bell will be immense. 500 runs for him. I fear Mitchell Johnson too whose record suggests is much better than he looked last time.

So Aussies 2-1

Top scorers -Bell and Ponting

Top wicket takers - Swann and Johnson.

Has everyone beeen catching Swanns video diaries?
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(24-11-2010, 08:45 AM)Kim Wrote: Has everyone beeen catching Swanns video diaries?

Yeah been pretty funny, his encounter with Mushy was the best thing so far IMO. :thumbup:
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erm yeah...

Not a good day at all really, good to see Bell make runs but Trott's form looks worrying.
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Bell brilliant, Trotty a bit odd and skittish. Collingwood fails to reach 30 for the 9th time in 11 innings in Aus.

England deep in the doo doo as yet again, the batting lets us down.
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It was pretty difficult for Trott having to come in after 3 balls. Very poor shot by Strauss. I thought Trott had got in but missed a straight one. Only saw the highlights of Bell's innings but it looked a class apart from the rest of the England batting.

Its definately not the start England wanted. 100 below par maybe! Its a pity Bell didn't get the support from just one England batsman because I think he would have gone on to make a really big hundred.
I agree Paul fabulous knock by Ian, and Trotty had just started to look good, its a long tour plenty of time. I am not sure we have the right bowling attack though.
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When you bat at 6 you don't get many opportunities of support from other batsmen. My point is - why is he batting below Collingwood? You could argue he should bat in front of KP as well.

Still I had a little wager that Bell would top score so I'm happy this morning.
LE - aka John
Colly is quietly in dreadful form. He's passed 5 just once in his last 6 test innings. Thought was quite a good ball that got Trott. Moved just enough to make it look a loose shot.
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I think Bell is best at 5 or 6. He's prpbably the best player of spin in the side as well.
I have moved the thread to test cricket. So apologies RB for that.
Anyone else stay up all night to watch it? I'm really lucky that Aberystwyth Uni have opened a room and put a big screen up showing the cricket all night for free, along with having a bar running all night/morning! I don't plan to stay up all night again though, but was pretty gutting when Strauss fell so early. I'd have thought England might have bowled first just to impose themselves on Australia, with all the bowlers in great form and there being many question marks over the Australian batting line up. Bell's innings was absolutely magnificent, beautiful runs at a tough time, playing for the team not himself. Fair play to Siddle, bowled really well, Hilfenhaus bowling good lines and lengths even if not that fast. Johnson didn't look to great, regularly bowling fast but wide and shorter so no-one had to play that often.
Really need to make them play today, bowl fuller/straighter today too.

The Bowler's Holding the batsman's Willey
Not sure if it means anything but whenever Prior fails, so does Broad. This is the third time theyve both got ducks in an innings and they also have a 0 and 1.

Since Broad's been in the team, he's come in 11 times when Prior has been out for less than 10. 7 times he's responded with a score of 3 or less, hes got one score of 6 - and has only passed 20 once in that situation (amassing 29),
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I guess it means Broad is not very reliable. I didn't see all the days play but looked like Swann didnt have a particularly good day and could he of done better with the possible catch that just dropped short of him. Could be a crucial moment that with Hussey 81 not out
If anyone's interested I'm blogging a daily report based on my opinion of the day on

It's just a fan's assessment and will be wrong as often as it is right.

Read my Ashes blog at :thumbup:
err flip crap day.

Nice blog though Otis.
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There were a bit unlucky early on. Anderson bowled really well. Hussey was out. Bad use of the referals have cost us badly.
I like the blog, Otis.
As a non-blogger, all I can offer in return is my daughter's blog:
Two good blogs :thumbup:

Does seem that losing a series in India where they could/should have drawn, followed by a few one day and T20 defeats with experimental teams doesnt mean the Aussie test team has falllen apart.

And that beating Pakistan and Bangla at home doesnt make a team who havent won a major series away since about 2001 automatic favourites away v said Aussies.

Anderson was brilliant. Yet his figures compared to Finn show it is indeed a funny game.

BTW if Ian Borethem really "doesnt understand" whats going on out there, why doesnt he shut up and give the mike to someone who does?

Bernard Matthews died on Thanksgiving Day. Now that is ironic.
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Do the police suspect fowl play?
phenomenal joke, Mr Wright
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