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1st XI Squad for match against Bangladesh 'A'

Commencing 11.00 a.m. at Edgbaston Friday July 14th

Maddy (Capt), Miller, Daggett, Poonia, Parker, Balac (w/k), Powell, Botha, Troughton, Groenewald, Tahir

2nd XI Squad for SET match against Glamorgan

Commencing 11.00 a.m. at Moseley C.C Thursday July 13th.

James (Capt), Benton, Webb, Piolet, Ord, Lewis, Booth (w/k), Barker, Allin, Baker, Miller, McLeod

Supporter of the 2014 County Champions
Webb and Lewis are Bears' Academy players (primarily batsmen I think), Benton has played a few games for the Seconds, and know nothing about the two wicketkeepers.
Balac I've seen play for the seconds and he plays for Leamington.
Many thanks. Ominous that James doesnt get a game V Bangla.

And what's happened to the spinner who I think we contracted late - Choudray?
Supporter of the 2014 County Champions
A massive game for the '3Ps' (Parker; Powell and Poonia) all of whom need runs.
BTW, what's happened to Latouf ? Have I missed something ?

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