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Bears v Derby 15-17 June @ Walmley
Thanks everyone but instead its the 7.43 :w00t: from Gobowen to London Marylebone to London for a meeting Angry
Supporter of the 2014 County Champions
At least the journey will be comfortable.

I've heard that your local train company are very good
It' Nord alto torvo di s.
spiega con la maggior parte yorkshiremen sono bastardi miseri

Trailing by 10 runs on first innings, Warwickshire were bowled out just before the close of the second day for 298 with James Ord making 97, setting Derbyshire a target of 289 to win on the final day.
Derbyshire were 62-6 when I had to leave. Nice down there it really is. Graham Welch was down there. Tim Ambrose took a couple of catches and Tom Allin took 4 wickets prior to lunch, 2 lbw's (one of which kept low) and 2 lousy shots providing easy catches.

Good crowd down there, all wishing for a full day's play. I hope they get it and it isnt wrapped all that soon.
Warwickshire won by 163 runs. Sorry not to pick you out Brummie. I was the mad woman walking constantly round the out field. 15 laps in all, much to the amusement of the gathered throng. Including Dougie,Pops, LE and Littlepete. All of whom helped me calculate the miles covered.
Yes between you and Trotty we are slowly but surely getting closer and closer to Australia. ;-)
Keep it up!
If you discover oil don't tell BP though will you!

County 2nds match at Barnt Green next week. Pears v Hants
Just watched top man at BP trying to say sorry!! Will be there, must meet up.
jane doing her power walking over powered LE shorts lol.
was a great result for the seconds today just got there to watch the last hours play.
Tom Allin 4-14 and Paul Best 4-38 made short work of the Derbyshire batsmen in their second innings on the final day as the vistors crashed to a below par 124 mid-way through the afternoon session.
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
Dont forget many of our 2nd XI lads will be in action over the weekend in the Birmingham League.

Also for those who havent had their fill of T20 yet, this Sunday there are three National T20 Cockspur Cup festival days.

West Midlands Region 1st Round
Sunday 20th June 2010

Group 1 – To be Played at Halesowen C.C.
Barnt Green v Kidderminster Victoria 10.30am
Halesowen v Pershore 1.30pm
Winner v Winner after

Group 2 – To be Played at Old Hill C.C.
Old Hill v Himley 10.30am
Moseley v Harborne 1.30pm
Winner v Winner after

Group 4 – To be Played at Knowle & Dorridge C.C.
Dorridge v Walmley 10.30am
Knowle & Dorridge v Kenilworth Wardens 1.30pm
Winner v Winner after

Sunday 27th June 2010

Group 3 – To be Played at Wellington C.C.
Penn v Wellington 10.30am
Shrewsbury v Wolverhampton 1.30pm
Winner v Winner after
that looks good i might try and get down to the Halesowen ground for the final game
Keep Calm i am a Warwickshire Bear
You leave my shorts out of this - your'e only jealous!!!
LE - aka John

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